It’s Monday, what are you reading? (3/13/23)

You know when you have finished a great book and it resonates with you for a day or so after you finish it? I’m having one of those moments about the below “just finished” novel. So, I’ll admit I’m having trouble coming up with my intro at the moment. I’ll get right to it.


I just listened to the audiobook of this novel and it is still resonating deeply with me. Set in a rural Vermont boarding school, our protagonist re-lives the four years she went to this school and especially the year her roommate died. It reminded me a lot of listening to the podcast of Adnan Syed’s case of an innocent man going to jail for the murder of his high school girlfriend. I Have Some Questions for You, also revolves around a podcast and an innocent man going to jail, but as you can with fiction, delves deeply into the psyches of those teens 20 years ago, and their lives today. I’ll be writing a review, but this was a good on folks!


I really enjoyed Carley Fortune’s Every Summer After and am looking forward to digging into the heart of this novel. Even though I’m reading this in March, I know this will be a beach read recommendation, for sure.

What great novels have you gotten yourselves involved in?

Happy Monday and happy reading!


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