This Chick Read: A Turn of the Tide ( A Stitch in Time #3) by Kelley Armstrong

Miranda Hastings has seen both of her sisters travel through the stitch in time in Thorne Manor and has been waiting on her opportunity to follow in their footsteps. However instead of traveling to the future as her sister Rosalind did, she travels to the past. She finds herself in Thorne Manor during the Georgian era arriving just in time to divert privateer Nicolas “Nico” Dupree from his untimely death. She has seen his ghost walking the lane where he dies, in her own time, and is determined to save him from his death. While intruding on that fateful night she stumbles upon a conspiracy and with the help of Nico and a couple other ghostly friends, she lends a hand hoping to save the day and send these ghosts on to their final rest.

This novel was a little different than the previous two in that Miranda knew exactly what she was in for when she stepped through that stitch in time in the attic of Thorne Manor. She didn’t expect to travel to the past, but her instant connection to Nico made sticking around pretty easy. MIranda’s independent nature was stifled in her own time and her chemistry with Nico and he “friendly” nature, allows her to experiment with a sexuality that men of her time trod upon. I actually really liked the more sexy nature of this book as it added another layer to a mystery that was pretty easy to solve. I also liked that NIco and MIranda were a mixed race pairing. No one really seemed to pay attention to that fact at all, which may not have been historically accurate but it was refreshing.

This novel was definitely easy to read and the mystery wasn’t much of a mystery at all. Despite my wanting a little more depth I did enjoy this novel and always like to support a favorite author. If you find yourself wanting to read a paranormal romance, I don’t think you need to read the previous two novels. This book stands alone on it’s own, but I bet you’ll be interested enough to go back and read the first two. My favorite was the first novel A Stitch in Time. ❤️❤️❤️❣️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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