It’s Monday, what are you reading? (10/3/22)

The weather has been so nice that I’ve been spending a little time outside so I’ll admit I’ve gotten a little behind on my reading. I’m not playing catch-up on a couple of books that are being released this week that I need to read. It’s no hard task though since these were books I wanted to read anyway. It is nice not to have a deadline though! Here is what’s on my TBR.


A fun paranormal romance and book three in a series I’ve enjoyed reading. Traveling through time, romance, and a bit of a mystery? What’s not to like?!


I had mixed feelings about picking up this book. I love this series, but 1- we are starting a new spin-off following a different character and 2- I didn’t love book three. BUT, I’m giving this book a chance to stand on its own. I love this Greek mythological world and want to see what else Amanda Bouchet can include to hold my interest.

What were you up to over the last week? Busy? Find time to read? Give me a shout in the comments!

Happy Monday and happy reading!