This Chick Read: A Curse of Queens (Kingmaker Chronicles #4) by Amanda Bouchet

Cat and Griffin are expecting their first child when Cat is cursed with a never-ending pregnancy. Jocasta, Griffin’s sister, sends for all scrolls with a mention of Circe, hoping to find the goddess of plants and herbs so that she can make an elixir to take the curse from Cat. In order to find her Jocasta must go on a journey that she may not come back from. Volunteering to join her is Flynn, the man whom she has loved since she was a young girl. A man who she shared one kiss with when she was 18. A kiss that changed their relationship forever. Now is the chance for the two of them to reconcile their relationship and hopefully find the cure that will save their sister and the land.

I’ve always liked Jocasta. Her love for her family is what drives her and I like how she uses her brain to avoid crazy situations. She seems pretty happy with her herbs and helping the locals medical needs. The one thing that she isn’t happy about is her relationship with Flynn. Her love is unrequited or so she thinks until this journey places them all in danger and those hidden feelings reveal themselves.

As with all Greek mythology, their journey includes several tasks they must complete before it reaches the conclusion they want. With a little help from a couple of gods they stay on the right path. If I had to guess there are two paths to a fifth book in the series. You can only hope!


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest.

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