This Chick Read: Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

Daughter of a world famous treasure hunter and somewhat deadbeat dad, Lily Wilder makes a living off the legend that her father pursued throughout her childhood, guiding tourists on innocent treasure hunts for Butch Cassidy’s hidden treasure. When she meets her newest group of city slickers she is shocked to find her first love, Leo Grady. Her sweetheart who left her for a family emergency and dropped off the face of the earth. A week on the trail with her ex is not what she bargained for, but how much worse can it get? This story of lost love found again has quite a few hidden surprises and a whole lot of adventure.

Prior to her mother leaving, Lily loved the tales and riddles her father created, but after she left Lily’s resentment for those stories grew. She became more reserved staying loyal to those who were true to her. Ten years have gone by since Leo’s disappearance and despite her anger, this is a chance for her to find out what happened and get closure. Leo is gobsmacked when he sees Lily walking through the camp towards him, having no idea that she was heading their week of fun. He’s instantly struck by what attracted him to her and reminded of why he fell in love with her all those years ago. Their chemistry is off the charts and the reader is left dying to know why they were no longer together. The set-up to the two of them meeting was so well done and immediately grabbed the reader locking them into this adventurous love story.

Lily and Leo are not alone on this journey, and the cast of characters run from friendly to annoying but all of this adds to a story that about a third of the way in takes a right turn and takes off like a rocket jolting the readers heart and makes them unable to put this book down, at least it did for me. This trip goes completely awry and the fake treasure hunt takes center stage. Do these clues in her fathers journal actually lead to real treasure? It becomes a life or death hunt for Lily and Leo that draws them closer to each other and also to the possibility that their dream of being together can come true. Something Wilder is a cute play on words as Wilder is Lily’s last name, but it’s also a clue to the journey that the reader will take while reading this book. It starts off pretty steady but this reader was suprised as it shifted to a wild, rollicking, adventure. I eagerly flipped pages and settled in, this story took me on a wild ride and I loved it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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