This Chick Read: The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Hannah’s looks are her biggest deception. She dresses like a librarian and her petite size makes her seem harmless. In fact she’s anything but. She is an Executive Protection Agent, in layman’s terms, a Bodyguard and she’s just been hired to protect A-list actor and heartthrob, Jack Stapleton from his corgi-loving stalker. Jack is in Houston to visit his ill mother and plans to spend the month at his family home until she gets better. In order for Hannah to do her job she must pose as Jack’s girlfriend, keeping their real relationship a secret from his family. This means she must ditch her pantsuits and clean up her conversational skills all while keeping an eye out for danger.

Hannah, like most women in the world, finds Jack extremely attractive and being in close contact only makes that attraction grow but living in close quarters also helps her see the man behind the star qualities. Living with his family, it also becomes readily apparent that there’s a secret that has kept this family apart, with the two brothers at odds. Hannah’s own childhood wasn’t great and the idyllic farm setting and love between Jack’s parents gives her a look inside a happy marriage and makes it hard for her to keep her feelings separate from the job she needs to do and the man she needs to protect.

It’s not often I say this about a contemporary romance, but in my eyes this novel was absolutely perfect. Hannah and Jack developed a great friendship and their interactions had moments of laugh out loud humor and tenderness. Hannah may have been starstruck by Jack’s good looks, but I was gobsmacked by their connection. I have read many books by this author and for me, this is her best book yet. There were depths to these characters that connected with the reader making me root for them both. Each of them were going through personal turmoil and leaned on each other while working through those feelings. This novel is a multi-faceted gem.


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review and it was honest.

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