It’s Monday, what are you reading? (12/7/20)

This weekend my husband and I put up our small tree, hung a wreathe and vôilá we were finished decorating for the holidays! It’s funny because I thought we’d go all out in order to keep our spirits up but we just didn’t have the energy. One change this year is that we put the tree up in our bedroom and I have to admit that reading a book in front of a lit tree is one of the highlights of the year. So, what book did I curl up reading? Let’s talk!

This post originated over on Book Date, so thanks for the idea and letting me continue on the discussion about what books I am reading.


Minnie Cooper was born on New Years and her whole life was told that it’s an unlucky day and truthfully bad things do seem to happen on her birthday. Meeting her boyfriend at a New Years party she gets locked in the bathroom and isn’t let out until the next morning by the host who happens to be another New Years baby. The one that took her name and all of her luck on the day she was born. The story of Minnie and Quinn’s friendship was funny, sad, heart-breaking, and heart-melting. It’s my first five star read in awhile.


OK, I haven’t yet started this book but it sounds interesting! Set in WWII a young film producer follows the story of some female pilots when they start getting murdered one by one. This may be a nice change of pace to start off my week!

Now that you know what book I’m reading this fine Monday, please share in the comments. What book will you be starting your week reading?

Happy Monday!


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  1. I really liked This Time next Year. Thought it was quite well done, and characters developed well. I’m reading The Chicken Sisters. I think you might like it…not as good as TTNY, but it’s solid

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