This Chick Read: This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

Minnie Cooper and Quinn Hamilton were both born on New Year’s Day, their mothers going into labor in the same hospital at the same time. Quinn’s mother gives birth first and wins a cash prize for delivering the first child of the year and also names her son the name Minnie’s mother was going to name her, in essence ruining all of her mom’s plans. Her father named her Minnie and her mother blamed her for every bad luck thing that happened making Minnie believe that her birthday was the worst day of the year. When she meets Quinn at a New Year’s Eve party and realizes he is THE Quinn Hamilton that stole her name, she tells him the story and he’s charmed by both the story and her. Over time they run into each other and develop a friendship, each learning a little bit more about each other’s lives. Minnie, who always thought Quinn’s life was charmed realizes that not everything is as it looks and there’s a lot more hidden beneath the surface. This story plumbs the depths of Minnie and Quinn’s lives intertwining them until it seems fate has brought them together for each other.

This novel centers around several relationships. Minnie’s friendship with her best friend, Minnie’s relationship with her mother, Quinn’s relationship with his mother, and then, of course, Minnie and Quinn’s relationship with each other. Besides the story that revolves around our two central characters I really enjoyed their relationships with with their mothers. Minnie’s was especially fraught with tension. Her mother let that one evening overshadow how she raised her daughter making her critical and kind of a complainer. It was neat to see that relationship evolve once she and Quinn met and her mother started evaluating her behavior. Quinn’s own relationship with his mom is loving as he’s a caretaker for his sensitive and kind of unstable mother. He loves her but also knows that she’ll need him to care for her for the rest of her life. That weighs on a person. The story navigates through these relationships with love, humor, and a realness that brought solidity to a story that wasn’t unpredictable.

This Time Next Year is a really funny book. I tried to read it quietly while in the room with my husband and there were several moments where I was holding in my laughter while crying. I love a story that makes me laugh and this one definitely did that. The silly moments were well balanced with tender, emotional moments making this a really well balanced novel. These character were three dimensional making this novel very easy to escape into. I really liked these two characters, in fact I liked every one in this novel. They were quirky, different, difficult, and really interesting, but it was Minnie and Quinn who pulled it all together into one cohesive multi-dimensional group.

I, like a lot of readers this year, have had trouble falling into a book, so when it happens it makes an impact. This Time Next Year was that book for me. I really liked the main characters, the conflict, the resolution, and the humor that they kept through all of the drama. The story was very intricate with each piece fitting together creating a unique story and a fun experience for the reader. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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