This Chick Read: Burn For You (Slow Burn #1) by J. T. Geissinger

Bianca Hardwick is a chef and owner of a restaurant in New Orleans. When she creates her menu around Boudreaux Bourbon her restaurant gains some notoriety and draws the eye of Jackson “the Beast” Boudreaux, a local resident. When Jax comes into her restaurant one night and can’t get seated immediately he lets the “Beast” out and is rude to her staff. Initially pleased and nervous he was in her restaurant, Bianca gets her back up over his demeaning her staff and her menu. Jax is intrigued by this beautiful chef who doesn’t back down and when he needs a chef for a charity event, he pays her a huge sum of money. Needing that money for personal reasons, Bianca puts together a menu that helps him raise tons of money and has them working directly together where more sparks fly.

J. T Geissinger writes tortured men so well, and Jackson Boudreaux is a fascinating character to unwrap. There is obvious tension between these two characters both sexual and mental, but unraveling Jax’s history into why he is “the Beast” intrigues not only Bianca but the reader as well. Bianca is forced into Jax’s company by need for cash, but quickly see’s the pain beneath the rude exterior and even though going through some personal pain as well, wants to soothe the savage beast.

Bianca is creole and talks with that Louisiana twang that gives this book great flavor, but it’s the characters around her that give her warmth and make her genuine. I love her relationship with her mother, the sass, grit and love they have for each other is a huge reason why I liked Bianca as much as I did. When Jax meets her mother for the first time, the contrast between her anxiety and his gentlemanly behavior  sold me on them as a couple. Burn For You is a slow burn novel, meaning that they develop their relationship slowly. They start off enemies (at least on her side), develop a friendship, and then become lovers and that journey when done well captures the reader, and that was the case with Burn for You. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Burn For You

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