This Chick Read: The Case for Jamie (Charlotte Holmes #3) by Brittany Cavallaro

It has been a year since August Moriarty’s death and it has also been a year since Jamie and Charlotte have seen each other. Jamie is back at boarding school where he is hanging out with the same group of friends, but has a new girlfriend. When things start to go awry, his dorm room getting broken into, his report for class deleted and he is accused of stealing money he realizes that he may be the victim of a Moriarty trying to plot revenge on Charlotte. Even if he knew where Charlotte was, Jamie is too stubborn and too determined to try his investigative skills on his own.

The Case for Jamie was told from two point of view’s. Charlotte is off on her own, struggling to come to grips with Augusts death and also find out what devilish deeds Lucien may be up to. Her POV is a girl on the edge of a nervous breakdown and fascinating to read. Jamie’s point of view is strictly the investigation and his emotional wallowing in Charlotte’s absence. Yes, he has a new girlfriend but she seems to be a placeholder for his best friend Charlotte. I’ll admit that I found Charlotte to be a more fascinating character because of the depths of depravity she has been driven to. Jamie is just the boy next door, although in this novel he shows he has brains to go along with that brawn.

I thought the author did a great job weaving the mystery together without giving away the whole plot. I loved the personal twists this novel took with Jamie’s life. Those twists were life changing for Jamie and really made him evaluate what was important to him. He really grew up a lot in this novel. Some readers may not love the ending to this book but I loved how Ms. Cavallaro created a mystery around Jamie and Charlotte’s relationship leaving the reader wanting more, more, more! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

The Case for Jamie

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