This Chick Read: Complicated by Kristen Ashley

Hixon Drake has just gone through a divorce when he meets Greta Dare. Caught up in a fiery moment, he has to be “that” guy and walks away before he can get drawn in any further. He needs to concentrate on his kids and create a stable home for them when he has custody. An admirable reason, definitely. However, as the sheriff of this small town, his actions are noticed by everybody and that one night stand is not as secret as he’d like it to be. When his ex decides to try to mess with Greta’s livelihood, Dixon gets involved and the statement he makes to help resolve the issue cements their relationship status in the eyes of the community even if the status between the two of them is a little more muddy.  There are many ups and downs to the beginning of their relationship, but when Dixon makes a decision he is decided in his actions.

Greta is used to being treated poorly by men. Growing up in a trailer park, with an alcoholic troublemaker for a mother has created a difficult climb out of that life. She is also the guardian of her brother who has special needs, and doesn’t have time for a sheriff who treats her poorly also. I really liked Greta’s personality! She was a giver to the 100th degree and yet didn’t let herself get walked on by others. When Dixon finally see’s the light, theirs is a love story that is solid and real. Actually,the most real of any that I’ve read by this author. Did I like the way the book started? No, but it definitely created an immediate hurtle that Dixon needed to resolve before he could get to the point where he’d fight for the relationship. When he got there, he was all in and I loved that.

Just with all of Kristen Ashley’s books, the chemistry between the two main characters was sizzling, but what I always like are their relationships to the people that surround them. The relationship between Hixon and his kids, between Greta and her co-workers, and then Greta and her brother was the mashed potatoes to the meat loaf of their love story. OK, not a very romantic analogy, but you can’t have a good meat loaf with out that mound of mashed potatoes! The same goes for characters in a story. Theirs was the heart, but you need the comparison of their friendships to realize these two people were perfect for each other.

Complicated, was full of complications but these characters and the story were wonderful.


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