This Chick Read: Heart on Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles #3) by Amanda Bouchet

The third and final installment in the Kingmaker Chronicles, Heart on Fire shows us a more introspective Cat. Pregnant with she and Griffin’s first child, living finally means more to Cat than conquering the world. She is starting to think before she leaps into danger and that second guessing has made her powers even more unreliable. She has got to figure things out before she goes to war with her mother or she and her new family don’t stand a chance.

This series has been one of my favorite new romantic fantasy series and Griffin and Cat made my top 5 romantic couples of all time. I had mixed feelings about reading this last novel because I just didn’t want their story to end. Even though Heart on Fire showed us a more emotional Cat and less of a kick but heroine, it fit. Cat has found her heart in Griffin, their baby, his family and her friends on the Beta team and she has a lot to lose in this final battle with her mother. Griffin’s support remains steadfast and even though they have a few really difficult final challenges to overcome he always chooses Cat. Griffin is every woman’s fantasy mate and he lives up to that title in Heart on Fire.

Even though I said I didn’t want Cat and Griffin’s story to end, I’ll admit, I was a little impatient with all of Cat’s introspection. I was used to the fast pace of the previous two novels, more action than introspection, so the change in pace took a little getting used to. However, once I adjusted I realized that I felt more connected to Cat than I had been. Truthfully, in the first two books Griffin was the character I was more enthralled with because he was such an Alpha male in love, which is really attractive.  I took note of Cat’s emotions, but her thoughts and emotions were secondary. Heart on Fire made me have more empathy for Cat, giving the finale more impact.

If I ranked the three books Heart on Fire would fall at #3. It was my least favorite of the three but at the same time it was a great ending to the series. These characters needed to grow in the direction Amanda Bouchet wrote in order for their emotional arc’s to be complete. Cat and Griffin went from two dimensional to bright 3D technicolor…right where they belong.


I was given a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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