This Chick Read: A Crazy Kind of Love (Flirting With Fame #2) by Mary Ann Marlowe

Jo Wilder is a paparazza with a heart. She has an eye for photography, thanks to her famous photographer father, but her heart just isn’t into getting the big story and hurting the people she’s reporting about. One day, while trying to get that perfect shot of a celebrity and her kids, she is blocked, then charmed by a handsome stranger. That stranger, Micah Sinclair, helps her get the shot by lifting her up on his shoulders, then proceeds to charm her. He does such a great job of disarming her that she doesn’t realize that he is famous himself. As their paths cross again, they start to develop a friendship that leads to romance. One that is strife with pitfalls, because how can Jo keep her emotions in check and still get that big story, or is that really what she wants?

A Crazy Kind of Love is the second novel in the series and I’m happy to say that we get to meet up with Eden and Adam again. Eden is Micah’s sister and has a pretty big part to play in this novel too. It’s not enough that Jo second guesses herself and her relationship with Micah, that struggle being the central conflict in this story, but Eden also has a part to play in Jo’s internal struggle as her conscience. Just as Jo second guesses herself about Micah’s intentions, Eden steps in with some advice or input for Jo that helps her find her way on this kind of insane path. I liked the back and forth that Jo’s emotions go through as Eden tosses a casual verbal grenade down that path to happiness. I also liked the foreshadowing of friendship the two women were developing alongside the romance that was developing between Jo and Micah.

Micah, oh Micah! He  was almost too good to be true. As Jo was going through all of these struggles with her conscience, her health and her heart, Micah was a little harder to read. He kind of reminded me of a male version of Goldie Hawn. You know, beautiful, kind of ditzy and out there, but with moments of insight and wonderfulness. I don’t know Goldie in person but those are the types of characters she plays in the movies and for some reason I kept seeing her when I was reading a scene about him. Maybe it’s my own skepticism about the lead singer in a band falling in love with a professional stalker and not really having any problems with it? Or at least, getting over that initial does she like me for the opportunity or for myself, really fast. BUT, I read romances as an escape, so I too got over that character pitfall pretty quickly. He was just delish, regardless.

As with Some Kind of Wonderful, A Crazy Kind of Love had characters who had real problems, whether they were health related, difficult families, love lives, etc. This is why I like Mary Ann Marlowe’s novels so much. Yes, you get that escape from reality that you want from a love story, but you also see your main characters overcome obstacles that could happen to you. I didn’t have a problem connecting with Jo Wilder and in fact, I loved her for all of her foibles, health and family issues. It made her and Micah’s story that much sweeter. It was nice that love came so easily to them, when they had to overcome life’s obstacles to get there. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review and it was honest!

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    1. Thanks! Read both of her novels! So e kind of Wonderful is the first book and they were both EXCELLENT! And the author is wonderful too! Enter the giveaway for your chance to win! Lol. If you’re out of the US and you win, I’ll send them to you…

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