This Chick Read: Second Chance Girl (Happily Inc. #2) by Susan Mallery

Happily Inc. is a wedding destination town where most people who live there have something to do with putting on a wedding. Caterer, baker, event coordinator, etc. Carol Lund is a gamekeeper and doesn’t have anything to do with weddings. Matthias, our hero, also doesn’t have a wedding themed job. The only thing he has to do with weddings is, well, the bridesmaids. He is a no strings attached kind of guy.. definitely not Carol’s usual, but for some reason she is attracted to him. Although that’s not a stretch, he is fabulous looking and very charming. Matthias is an artist, making glass creations alongside his brothers in a family business. He wakes up every morning, sips his coffee and sketches while watching Carol walk the preserve with her solitary giraffe, Millie. Something about this morning ritual appeals to him and inspires his creativity.  Their relationship has never gone beyond friendship, until one nigh when they have a little too much to drink.

Luckily, we didn’t see Matthias hit on too many bridesmaids because that would’ve been hard to overlook. The Matthias we meet is fun, charming, and too good looking, but he also has this inner pain about his father that humanizes him. As he and Carols friendship grows, I think that humanity also appeals to Carol. She on the other hand has always focused on her animals, to the exclusion of having a personal life. The fact that she was a khakis and t-shirt kind of gal made her so not Matthias’ type, but that one night changes how they see each other forever.

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would from the synopsis. The zoo element was a really different setting for a romance! This series is a spinoff of Mallery’s Fools Gold seies that is so poular and I think it is just a good. There is a side romance between Carol’s sister and a visiting Duke that is really cute and made me laugh. All in all this was a great lighthearted romance.

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