This Chick Read: Echoes in Death (In Death #44) by J. D. Robb

Eve and Roark, just back from vacation are on the way home from a charity event when a bloody, naked woman steps out in front of their car. They rush her to the hospital and that quickly, she’s back on the job and Eve’s next investigation begins. This investigation revolves around a man who dresses up like a horror flick, invades homes and ties up the husband making him watch while he rapes the wife. Not an easy thing to read about, and for Eve, it once again brings back the ghosts from her troubled past. She is getting very good at compartmentalizing her job and the cruelties that were forced upon her as a child. With the help of her husband, Dr. Mira and the rest of the gang, Eve overcomes the odds, finds the rapist and deals with her own emotions. It’s just another day on the job, right?

Echoes in Death was an effective tool for J. D. Robb to move Eve’s psyche along. However, as a mystery, it was kind of, well, just ok. Don’t get me wrong, it was well written, the characters were on task and as usual, quirky and loving, but it’s now book #44 in the series and even though it’s only two years into their marriage, I want more. If this was a TV show, these mysteries could certainly go on forever, and truthfully as books, they are still really interesting, but I guessed the motive and the villain pretty early on in this one, and Eve is so much smarter than I am! If the author hadn’t given us the line that Eve thought the villain just hadn’t struck a true note when he was interviewed initially, I would’ve scoffed at the conclusion. I guess if you are on the 44th novel in a series, there’s going to be duds. So if that’s going to be the case with the plot of the mystery, give us something to root for personally! There was no humorous Aunt Eve with Mavis’s baby scenes. Roark and Eve were still so in love, so no juice there. Really, this book was just a filler. A well written filler, but still, let’s move it along! If Eve is never going to be a mother, how about if Peabody gets pregnant? That would add day to day intrigue and humor. How would Eve handle a pregnant partner? Hmmm. Maybe I’ve struck gold with this idea!

Anyway, if you love these books, pls don’t be put off by my review. I’m just frustrated. Really, it was a good story, and Eve and Roarke are still one of my favorite sets of fictional lovers. You will enjoy this book. If, however, you feel as I do, what do you think will freshen up this series?


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5 thoughts on “This Chick Read: Echoes in Death (In Death #44) by J. D. Robb

  1. I gave up on Nora a long time ago. I used to read everything she wrote. I loved the Irish series she had years ago. I used to wait excitedly for new books. Then she started getting weird and creepy with the villains and I lost interest. They began to feel like they were all the same. I never got into the Robb books. I don’t care for the crime novel/suspense genre. They always bothered me. I can’t read about serial killers, rapists, stalkers, etc. no matter how well written. They creep me out! I can’t believe she’s on #44.

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