This Chick Read: Say Yes to the Marquess (Castles Ever After) by Tessa Dare

Ah, the age old problem of being engaged to a Marquess, while secretly having feelings for his brother. Truthfully, I don’t blame her. The Marquess has been MIA for eight years! Talk about a long engagement. Rafe, brother to the missing Marquess, has a problem. Clio wants out of the engagement, and he has to sign the papers. Rafe refuses, because while he does lust after his brother’s fiancée, he doesn’t want to be the person who tears them apart, even if it’s just with a signature on paper. 

Clio, with the death of a relative, has been left a castle in the countryside, and sees a glimpse of freedom. She doesn’t need a husband! She can use all of the training she’s received over the last eight years to be the wife of a Marquess and apply it to running that castle and create an enterprise that will bring in money to help pay for the castle and her own needs. She will start a brewery! Rafe, sensing she’s serious, starts a campaign to make her see how much she desires a big wedding. He brings his trainer, did I mention Rafe is a boxer? Yep! Our Rafe is a pugilist! Training to box the heavyweight champion, so, anyways, he brings his trainer to the castle to help him woo her into wanting a wedding. So she’ll say Yes to the Dress, and while lusting after dresses, cake and flowers, in essence saying Yes to the Marquess. Ha! Our reluctant bride is not so shallow that a dress will change her mind. After all, she wants to brew ale, but Rafe, through his efforts, ends up wooing her for himself. In a moment of passion he kisses her, and the rest is history.

She becomes his! Ta-Da!

I love these historical romances, they are such a fun departure from my usual reading choices. Tessa Dare has a fun style of writing and Clio, our reluctant bride, was charming and real. Rafe, was a big, handsome lug. He has desired Clio since he was a young lad, and was determined that he wasn’t good enough for her, which means we, the reader, knew he was perfect for her! Read this book if you love historicals, it won’t disappoint!

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