This Chick Read: White Hot (Hidden Legacy #2) by Ilona Andrews

White Hot is the long awaited second book by the writing team of Ilona Andrews. This urban fantasy novel is set in a contemporary world where your place in society is determined by how high a grade of magic you can use. At the end of the last novel Nevada Baylor, owner of the family run Baylor Investigations has rebuffed Connor “Mad” Rogan a Prime. The prime designation determined by the highest level of magic capable in an individual. Nevada has the age old issue of wanting to be her own woman but also wanting Rogan to want her enough to fight for her. Of course, being a man, he hasn’t a clue that’s what she wants, she’s hurt he didn’t make an effort to be with her. Nevada takes a new case that pits she and her family up against several Houses that may or may not try to kill her to keep her from investigating her clients wife murder.  Of course, Rogan is also investigating these murders, in fact, his team of body guards got wiped out by these murderers, and he’s determined to avenge their deaths. He and Nevada again team up to solve this crime and their relationship dance continues to tempt us with drama and passion.

Ilona Andrews excels at character building and these two characters are among my favorites that they’ve written. However, what makes this series so good are the strength of the characters that surround Nevada and Connor. We are given insight into what makes each of these characters tick by seeing how they act with the people they care about. Nevada especially because her family relationships unveil secrets about Nevada that we hadn’t learned yet. Connor’s interactions with his employee’s and his friend Augustine also reveal the depth of his feelings for Nevada, and those feelings are intense!

This series is so much fun to read! It’s full of action and passion, and written with a singular voice and touch. I’m not sure how writing teams work, but these two have it down to an art!


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