This Chick Read: Accidentally on Purpose (Heartbreaker Bay #3) by Jill Shalvis

If a group of friends worked in the same neighborhood, became friends you could rely on, wished on a fountain for love, and then found it, you’d be reading the Heartbreaker Bay series from Jill Shalvis….or watching old episodes of Friends. Regardless, you’d be enjoying the hell out of yourself! As we have gotten to know this group of friends from The Heartbreaker Bay books, we have watched and felt the tension increase between the always stoic yet supremely masculine Archer, and the sassy and always put together Elle. It turns out there’s a reason for that tension. There’s history between them, and that history is a little unexpected!

Elle is my favorite type of romance heroine. She is smartly dressed with a shoe fetish. I, too, like shoes! More importantly, she has worked hard to overcome a rough upbringing, and yet is still a great friend to her girlfriends. My favorite books have a solid support group of girlfriends and Jill Shalvis is the Queen of writing great groups of friends. Elle has to work hard to overcome her feelings of insecurity to let herself relax and fall in lust/love with Archer. Sometimes, if a book takes too long with this kind of plot line, I can get annoyed. Ms. Shalvis writes a perfect mix of inner turmoil and reflection, but gets on with the romance pretty quickly.

Archer is, well, exactly like you’d want a man named Archer to be. He’s hot, an ex-cop commando type, and supremely alpha. Did I say he’s hot? Hmmm. Yep. Anyways, we’ve been watching this duo dance around each other in the previous books and I am glad we finally got to hear their story! They’ve got great history, and a little bit to overcome, but luckily the heat and heart cannot be denied!

This was a sweet and sexy romance. In true Jill Shalvis style, you get a bit of humor with the heart, which I love. It can be read as a stand alone novel, but if you read the others first you’ll feel more of the tension between these two. ❤❤❤❤

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