This Chick Read: The Cage by Megan Shepherd

The Cage has a rather disturbing premise. Six teenagers are kidnapped from earth and held on some sort of alien space station. They are put into a simulated Earth environment and given a few rules. Play their games to collect their tokens, eat to remain healthy, and by day 21 start having sex. If you have a vivid imagination like I do, this premise doesn’t seem too out there, right? This book reminded me of a high school psychology class excercise. If you were stuck on a lifeboat, or deserted island or something, who would you want with you, and how would you react? Each of these six teenagers have things they are good at, one is brilliantly smart, one is a mechanic, one is bilingual, another was a criminal dealing on the black market, and then Cora was a Senator’s daughter who had just gotten out of juvie. Will they use these skills to survive?

It’s bad enough being held in an environmental cage, but being told you must propagate your race, well that’s kind of horrifying. Cora is a good girl who only went to jail because she was covering for her Senator father for driving drunk and killing someone. Otherwise, she’s a smart teenage girl, and unlike some of the others in her group, she had an ok life back on earth and she just wants off this crazy train! Cora gets friendly with the alien who is set to watch her group, the Caretaker, Cassian. Cassian feeds her information about where they are being held, but is what he’s telling her the truth? Remember your psychology class lessons, folks. Some things may not be as they appear, and people will not react the way you think they should in a simulated situation.

This was a fun book to read, but like I said at the beginning. It’s kind of disturbing! As they get closer to that 21 day deadline, what will they all do? Read it and find out!


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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I read the chapters from your book Midnight Metamorphosis. I really liked it! It’s going to be fun to see how Avery starts to hone her powers (& maybe have something with Cole lol).

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