This Chick Read: Recipe for Kisses by Michelle Major

Chloe Daniels past definitely affects the decisions she makes in her present. She owns a semi successful toy store, but hires women who need help getting a new start in their lives. Ben “The Beast” is a celebrity chef who has gotten famous for his loud voice and obnoxious behavior in the kitchen. He moves back home and decides that the location of his new restaurant would be perfect where Chloe’s toy store resides.  You can guess what happens next, but not the impact they have on each other’s lives. This book has a lot more depth than I had thought it would! Both of these characters had a lot of serious back story and had to work hard at making their relationship work.

I was struck by Chloe’s need to help people, her past job as a social worker definitely defining her character. Ben was everything she was afraid of in a man, loud, blustery and big, but she had the fortitude to see through all of that to a caring man who wanted to make a nice life for his brother’s kids.  Even though some of the subject matter was rather serious, Michelle Major did a good job of mixing in some humor and then also giving us a great distraction. Will he make her shut down her store? Will she make a success last minute and save it?

This was a sweet and serious book that Will connect with a lot of ladies.  The added benefit is a Gordon Ramsey-esque fantasy love story, but our heroine is not just interested in falling in love. Chloe wants to make a difference for people, and that’s a message that I enjoy reading about! ❤❤❤❣

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2 thoughts on “This Chick Read: Recipe for Kisses by Michelle Major

    1. He was a unique character and even though rough around the edges had a great heart. The author did a good job with him. I personally love a man who can cook. Lol.

      I, too am really behind and that book was off my TBR and on my kindle for a long time…. my first book by Michelle Major. I liked her style!


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