This Chick Read: The Life She Wants by Robyn Carr

Emma left her small town behind her when she left for college and when her best friend got pregnant by Emma’s boyfriend she left Riley behind as well. After graduating from college she moved to New York and married a handsome, wealthy man. Then her world fell apart. Her husband as the head of a Ponzi scheme was indicted and committed suicide before going to jail. Emma was cleared of all charges but was tainted by her husband’s crimes and moved back home to her small town hoping that the people who knew her would give her a chance to live her life in peace.

I liked Emma a lot. She felt awful for what her husband had done, and also felt duped realizing that she didn’t know him at all and that her marriage had been a big con as well. I liked her group of friends, but her childhood best friend Riley, wasn’t very likable at all!  She didn’t welcome Emma and support her, she kind of shunned her because her own feelings were hurt because Emma never listened to her apology.  Well, Riley, you got pregnant with her boyfriend.  I think you broke the girl code. Riley didn’t actually become very likable until more than three quarters of the way through the book. When they finally made up, I didn’t care anymore if they did or didn’t, so I think Ms. Carr missed the mark a little and should have made Riley a little more sympathetic.

I liked Adam, Rileys brother, and Emma’s love interest. He was sweet, and didn’t care if his sister knew they were seeing each other or not. I wish this book had been more about Emma and Adam and how he helped her get over being duped by her sociopathic husband, and the Riley story more of a sub plot. Because of this I’m only giving this novel three hearts. Too much Riley, too little Adam.


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