This Chick’s Sunday Commentary: Like Books?

I started my book review blog 14 months ago as a way to combine the two things I love. Reading and talking about the book I was reading. I typically read 3-4 books a week and if I had read something great I wanted to shout it out to the world! Typically it was only my sister or my friend Ana who I told, as they both also read quickly, waiting eagerly for them to finish it so I could have a mini book discussion with them. Below are some of my favorites!

So, I started a book club, eager to get more people to read the books I liked so I could discuss them with others. However, I got frustrated when I had to read books that other people wanted to read. Lol. I’d find myself putting the book off until I had to read it, sometimes the night before.  I felt like I was in school again, and I hated that.  Although, I did like getting together for drinks and food! Here’s the group of ladies below, notice all the drinks and only one book.  Lol. ( I am on the left with the black and white patterned shirt…)

Really, I started my blog to get myself writing again. I had this idea that by writing reviews, it would start the creative juices flowing again, and it did!  I spent the last year writing my first novel, and finished it!  Yeah me! But, even when writing, I was thinking of all of the books I wanted to read and talk about. So, this post is a thank you to my followers that may or may not enjoy the books I read. That may or may not be influenced by my reviews. That may or may not have the same opinions about those books.  If you don’t, let’s talk!  That is, after all, the reason why I started this blog.  To talk about books to other people who love them as much as I do.

What is your favorite book?  Who is your favorite author to push on someone who is looking for something to read? What book did you just LOVE last year so much that you wanted to shout it to the world? What book are you reading right now?

Isn’t it fun?!!!


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