This Chick Read: The Crown of Embers ( The Girl of Fire and Thorns #2) by Rae Carson

Elisa is back at court, Queen, and still the Chosen one. Her first battle was won, yet it seems that the war is not over. With her husband dead, it is left up to her to be a strong leader, but she still has the insecurities she showed us in the first novel. She always compares herself to her sister, Elodia, who is a strong leader. Elisa strives to be, yet let’s herself get misled by her quorum of leaders. That same quorum has declared that she must wed again and create a strong union. As she interviews candidates, while gazing longingly at her right hand man Hector, she realizes that things are worse in her kingdom than she thought, and she finally decides to react.

As with the first novel, the pace is a little slow, but I have come to care for these characters and want to see the plot to its resolution. As this story goes on, Elisa’s plodding quickens until she is finally moving full steam ahead, with a plan of action that makes this book move along quickly. As the Chosen, with a godstone embedded in her naval, there is certainly a religious can’t to the story, yet that does not detract from the romance or adventure and somehow even enhances it. I do wish that there was maybe a little less respect between she and Hector, but, well, I guess she is the Queen and he can’t just jump her.  Though I wish he would!


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