This Chick Read: Can’t Stop Loving You by Miranda Liasson

Bella and Roman were high school sweethearts who were madly in love and had their whole lives together in front of them when tragedy struck. Bella, making a decision for the two of them, tells Roman a lie and he leaves town and Bella.  Fast forward to twelve years later and Roman is back in town and wants to connect with Bella again. This is their second chance at love, but will they be able to overcome what happened in the past?

These two seemed to have everything.  They were both attractive, Bella was a successful psychologist and Roman had his degree in distilling that he’d always talked about getting. The biggest thing standing in their way of happiness was Bella’s dad, who she should have told to mind his own business years ago, and their own lack of communication.  For a psychologist, Bella’s lack of insight about how to move forward and correct things with Roman was pretty surprising, and pretty frustrating as well. Roman on the other hand, was decisive, seemed to know what he wanted, and set about trying to achieve that goal.

Bella and Romans fiery chemistry and the author, Miranda Liasson’s sweet style of storytelling held this story together until they reached their happily ever after. but I did wonder if they couldn’t have gotten there a little quicker if they had just sat down and talked!

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley for my honest review.


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