This Chick Read: Dragon Spawn (World of the Lupi #13) by Eileen Wilkes

Lily Yu, one of my favorite female protagonists in the paranormal genre, once again shows that you do not need magic or werewolf strength to kick ass.  Her kick assness mainly comes from logically analyzing and proceeding in the best manner possible. In Dragon Spawn we see a different side of Lily. Normally, she fills the role of friend, lover, and investigator, but when the children of the werewolf population falls in harms way we see her softer, maternal side. For me, this was something that was always kind of lacking in her nature.  Another of her friends becomes pregnant and we see a kind of regret from Lily. She is not normally a soft character, although she plays a more submissive  role in her romantic relationship to alpha male Rule. I like this hopefulness to be a mother, and I hope Ms. Wilkes writes her in that role at some point.

Dragon Spawn continues the story of the evil Bitch who is out to conquer the world, but there is a difference in that she is attacking humanity, and not just Lily’s personal world. It seems that the Bitch is now after world domination, and not just the elimination of those she feels is standing in the way of attaining her entry into our world.  This is a giant step in this continuing storyline, and hopefully means that we’ll be coming to some sort of resolution to that plotline soon.

As with all of the novels in this series, Eileen Wilkes does an amazing job allowing her characters to grow, helping to move the plot line forward.  However, I felt like Dragon Spawn was only one part of a larger novel. I was left feeling dissatisfied at what I thought was a “to be continued” ending.  Will we have to wait long for the next novel to get that conclusion?  I hope not!

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.


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