This Chick Read: Shiftless (Wolf Rampant book 1) by Aimee Easterling

Terra, daughter to the Alpha of her pack, left the controlling and unloving influence of her father at seventeen.  Living packless in a big city, she has had to subdue her wolf in order to survive. Her father never let her go, he had people watching her all of these years.  Now, he needs her to search out the nephew she never knew she had and bring him back to her pack or her freedom is gone.

Terra finds her nephew living next door to an Alpha and his pack.  This pack is full of unique werewolves who her father would not have let live in his pack, and Terra see’s that what she grew up with is not normal. I liked that she grew as a character and her insecurities about her control over her wolf went away, helped by some tutoring by the Alpha, Wolfie.  She and Wolfie get closer, and she has to choose between her father, and this new pack, who she has come to care about a lot.

Shiftless (free on Kindle and for your Nook) was pretty short and ended with some questions remaining unanswered.  Pack Princess, the second book in the series, is out and picks up where the first book left off.  I love a good paranormal tale and look forward to seeing how Terra continues her journey.


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