This Chick Read: Gone Too Deep (Search and Rescue #3) by Katie Ruggle

Gone Too Deep continues the underlying storyline about who killed the headless man found in the first book,  Hold Your Breath.  Baxter Price, Ellie’s father, calls his daughter out of the blue rambling about people being after him.  Her father has a history of mental illness, and Ellie is concerned that he may become lost or hurt in the Colorado wilderness, unable to take care of himself.  She leaves work in Chicago and travels to Simpson, Colorado to try to find him.  She enlists the aid of George Holloway, a member of Search and Rescue to take her on a three day hike through the wilderness to her grandfathers cabin.

As this book started, and chatty, city girl, Ellie gets a begrudging non speaker, George to help her, I wonder how the author will progress their relationship.  I know opposites attract, and George may be a muscley, mountainous man, but he barely speaks!  However, Katie Ruggle was very clever with her writing, and created a language out of his grunts that Ellie understood perfectly, and she became the readers interpreter in what would have been a very one sided conversation.  His conversational skills may have been somewhat lacking, but his shy sideways glances and slight quirk to his lips, drew the reader in.  His lack of experience was also part of his charm, and I could easily see why Ellie would find him fascinating.

As they travel through the wilderness, Ellie and George begin to discover that her father’s schizophrenic ramblings may have a large element of truth, and a large portion of the mystery of the headless man is revealed.  Even as the status of their relationship becomes resolved in this novel, we will have to wait for the next novel to get a conclusion to the mystery, or at least another chunk of it solved.  I have really enjoyed this writers style, and the unusual, different kind of characters that live in Simpson.  If this town were real, and I was single, I would make a bee-line path directly to this place!  After the mystery was solved, of course.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, through NetGalley, for my honest review.

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