This Chick Read: Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue #1) by Katie Ruggle

Don’t let the cover fool you, this book is so much more than a hot guy with a gun. Actually, the hot guy doesn’t even hold a gun until the end of the novel, so that is somewhat misleading.  This series starts with the novella On His Watch, which I haven’t read yet, but after finishing this fast paced action thriller, I did add it to my kindle, as it’s free right now on Amazon, and I enjoyed this book too much to not check it out.  Callum is the Team Leader of a Dive and Rescue team, and we are introduced to his character in this book, leading a training session.  He seems gruff, inflexible and stern, but when female team member Lou cracks a joke, he can’t help but crack a smile.  Lou, finds a submerged dead body on this training session, and from that point on, Callum seems glued to her side.  She decides to “help” law enforcement investigate the death of the man she discovered and Cal, agrees to help, I think initially to keep her out of trouble, but her charm hooks him in, until he’s an active participant. Throw in a stalker, and Callum gets very protective, and Lou doesn’t stand a chance against his need to keep her safe.

I loved Lou, she was a firecracker!  She had a pretty poor view of herself, but based on her wisecracks, her investigative skills, and her loyalty to her new team members, (Callum especially), she was a joy to read.  Her dialog, both internal and external was so much fun, I found myself cracking a grin along with Callum.  For me, part of what made this book so engaging was that there was clearly chemistry between these two characters, and watching it build, paralleled the tension in the plot.  There was not actually any action between these two until a good two thirds of the way through the storyline, and by the time the author gave it to us, we, the reader, were mentally rooting for Lou to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and it felt natural to the storyline.  There was not any gratuitous sex that didn’t enhance the plot, which so many books do now.  This book had a great storyline, and the characters had quirks that were interesting and made sense to the plot.  As this is the first book in the series ( and I think for the author, besides the novella?), I can look forward to many more engaging plots and riveting characters in our future!

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