This Chick Read: Waylaid by Kim Harrison

What happens when the worlds of Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s Hollows series and Peri Reed from The Drafter collides?  You get the chance to find out in Waylaid a novella by the author who wrote both.  Rachel Morgan is one of my absolute favorite fantasy characters and when that series ended, well, I was really unhappy.  When I heard that she would be back in a novella, I jumped at the chance to read it ahead of its release on April 4th.  Thank you Gallery and NetGalley for sending me a copy for my honest review.

I read The Drafter last year and was intrigued by the concept of someone who could bend time in order to re-write it, but had to rely on an anchor, or partner, to tell them what happened after their memory was lost.  That would require an amazing amount of trust, and The Drafter explores that issue fully.   Waylaid takes place when Peri and Jack were still partners. I felt rather voyeuristic knowing the background between the two, and how badly their relationship ended.  Because this story takes place pre The Drafter, I knew more than Peri did about their relationship and I watched them closely to observe the clues Kim Harrison gave about what was to come.  In this book, Jack accidentally summons Rachel from an alternate universe.  The story was told from Peri’s perspective, so it was interesting to watch her build the trust that I already had with Rachel.  It was also funny, because Rachel does come across as a crazy woman, and even though I know she isn’t, in this alternate world of Peri’s she is totally out of her element.

Rachel and Peri team up, against Peri’s better judgement, to return Rachel to her world.  While doing this, she see’s that things are not exactly as they appear between she and Jack.  Now, if only she could remember it after Rachel returns home.

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