This Chick Read: Obsidio (The Illuminai Files #3) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff- Audio Review

Obsidio was one of my most anticipated releases for this year. I had previously listened to both Illuminae and Gemina and was easily caught up in the action of Katie, Ezra, Hannah, and Nick as they fought against Bei Tech’s forces. Obsidio wraps up their stories while giving us two new characters to root for in Asha and Rhys. A couple who lost touch with each other and ended up on opposite sides of this war.

Katie and Ezra, in Illuminae Files had escaped Kerenza, but her cousin Asha was one of those who were left behind to deal with the invading force. While working in the hospital, Katie runs into her old boyfriend Rhys, who has just landed on Kerenza from the invading spaceship Magellen, where he’s been for the last seven months. The combination of the atrocities he’s witnessing and seeing Asha who he still loves is enough for him to question what Bei Tech is doing on this planet. Is all as it appears? Meanwhile, Katie, Ezra, Hannah and Nick are on the spaceship Mao heading back towards Kerenza. Their crew is a mixture of crews from several ships and lets just say that they all don’t see eye to eye. Mix in the conflicted AIDAN, the AI computer that is malfunctioning due to his developing feelings, and the mutiny on the Bounty crew and you have an action packed novel that was really hard to not listen to from start to finish.

Since I had listened to both Illuminae and Gemina before reading, I decided to do the same thing with Obsidio. I was again amazed at the quality of the cast and the feeling that I was listening to a movie (with sound effects!) rather than a cast of narrators reading a book. This series is truly among the best when it comes to the audio quality of it’s cast. Combine that top quality cast with an emotional action novel and you get around 18 hours of fun! This was a hard novel to hit pause on for sure.

If I had one criticism, I would say that Asha and Rhys, while definitely pivotal characters in this book, seemed to also be somewhat superfluous. I had been so caught up in both Katie/Ezra and Hannah/Nick’s stories that Asha and Rhys paled in comparison. However, the climax to this book was as powerful as it was because of those two characters so I’m a little conflicted and ultimately shrugged those feelings off. AIDAN also can’t be forgotten. Bei Tech was the evil villain but AIDAN was a close second and his emotional development was fascinating. Is this really the last Illuminae Files book? The ending seemed to leave a small opening for another novel or an offshoot of this series. I hope so, these books were so much fun to listen to and read, truly innovative! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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This Chick Read: MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza

I started reading this book expecting a normal young adult, teen romance novel.  I was in for a surprise when a third of the way through, I found myself reading a science fiction novel.  Yes, it is directed towards teens, as Mila is a teenager in high school, but as I found out she is NOT a normal teenager.  This teenager doesn’t bleed red, she bleeds a milky white fluid and finds that her insides are bionic. Bionic is my term, but  I am of the generation that watched Jamie Summers the bionic woman save lives on her tv show, so when I read the description of her injury, what was found under her skin, and how her mother “fixed” her injury, that was the visual I jumped to in my head- bionic.  Those of you under forty aren’t going to understand what I’m talking about unless you love retro TV,  so to be a little more clear, Mila discovers that she is not a real girl. Continue reading “This Chick Read: MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza”

This Chick Read: Waylaid by Kim Harrison

What happens when the worlds of Rachel Morgan from Kim Harrison’s Hollows series and Peri Reed from The Drafter collides?  You get the chance to find out in Waylaid a novella by the author who wrote both.  Rachel Morgan is one of my absolute favorite fantasy characters and when that series ended, well, I was really unhappy.  When I heard that she would be back in a novella, I jumped at the chance to read it ahead of its release on April 4th. Continue reading “This Chick Read: Waylaid by Kim Harrison”

This Chick Read: Faith and Moonlight by Mark Gelineau and Joe King

Roan and Kay are orphans.  A fire destroys their old life, but they have one chance to enter the School of Faith. They are given one month to pass the entry trials, but as Roan excels and Kay fails, their devotion to each other is put to the test. 

They swore they would face everything together, but when the stakes are losing the life they’ve always dreamed of, what will they do to stay together? What won’t they do? Continue reading “This Chick Read: Faith and Moonlight by Mark Gelineau and Joe King”

This Chick Read- Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews

Sweep in Peace is the second book in the Innkeeper series by Ilona Andrews and the synopsis below is from the website

Dina DeMille doesn’t run your typical Bed and Breakfast. Her inn is a living entity that defies laws of physics, her fluffy dog is secretly a monster, and the only paying guest is a former Galactic tyrant with a price on her head. But the inn needs guests to thrive, and guests have been scarce, so when an Arbitrator shows up at Dina’s door and asks her to host a peace summit between three warring species, she jumps on the chance. Continue reading “This Chick Read- Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews”