This Chick Read: The Rejected Writers’ Book Club by Suzanne Kelman

The Rejected Writers’ Book Club was surprisingly charming and fantastically funny.  The cast of characters all seemed slightly crazy, even more so set against the perfect straight man (or woman) Janet Johnson, the librarian.  Somehow, Janet finds herself drawn into a caper by a group of older ladies, calling themselves The Rejected Writers’ Book Club.  Doris, the leader and Alpha of the club, had “gasp”, had her book accepted by a publishing house in San Francisco.  This horrible acceptance letter would get her kicked out of the club she had started, so they must all go on a madcap journey to get the publisher to take the letter back, and give her a rejection letter instead.

The synopsis below is from the author’s website

When small-town librarian Janet Johnson is persuaded to attend a gathering of local eccentric lady writers known as “The Rejected Writers Bookclub,” she gets pulled into a kaleidoscope of craziness she never knew existed. Coerced by their formidable team leader, Doris Newberry, she embarks on a crazy cross-country dash with a band of merry writers to save the club and the reputation of one very special member. As the intrepid adventurers race to complete their quest, the women’s lives are irreversibly changed as they bond together through landslides, haunted houses, false labor, and first love.

I went to the author’s website to find out a little bit of information about Ms. Kelman, unsurprisingly, I found out that she is an award winning screenwriter and playwright.  As I read this book, I didn’t have any trouble seeing this book being made into a movie and actually had the cast already set as I was reading it.  Diane Keaton, as straight laced Janet, Meryl Streep as Alpha club leader Doris, and Natalie Portman as shy but beautiful Flora.  Each character was brought to technicolor life by their quirks and personalities, that even when cranky, you couldn’t help but fall in love with all of them.

This journey to San Francisco by a group of old broads is filled with humor, love, enlightenment, and acceptance.  I enjoyed their growth with themselves and each other and found myself smothering a laugh more than once.  Reading this book made me miss my sister and mom, as we’ve had more than one of our own mad caper.  I also miss my small group of female friends that are spread around the country.  Great friendships, just like good books are long lasting.


I received a copy of this book from Lake Union Publishing through NetGalley for my honest review.

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