ENDS 5/27! This Chicks 2nd #RT16 Convention #books and swag #giveaway! 


I am giving away more swag to my fellow bloggers and readers!

If you read my postings from the 2016 RT Convention, you know that I met and enjoyed meeting so many other readers, authors and bloggers, and shared some of those stories with you.  If you missed those blogs, here are the links:





There is not really any method to my madness in picking out this group of books and swag, so I hope there is something in here that each one of you would want and enjoy!


1001 Dark Knights Coloring book and pencils, plus three magnets, a bookmark, and notecard.

Hot Shots- a compilation of three books Fired Up by Anne Marsh, Sizzle by Lynn Lafleur and Five-Alarm Masquerade by Stacey Kennedy

Love Stories by Beth Yarness , a romantic suspense sampler

The Perfect Gentlemen: Scandal Never Sleeps by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake


1 Naughty Dreams by evernightpublishing.com sleeping mask

Two coupons for the Robyn Carr and  Susan Mallory book releases

A gold drawstring bag full of temporary tattoos and stickers

1 heart shaped kookie by Lori Anne Bailey

1 bag with a notecard and candy for the book Tartan Candy by KC Burn

3 magnets from various authors

1 muscles soldier keychain

5 book buttons

Shayla Black ear bud covers in case, and note pad in case

Oh, and a few other things pictured.  Whew!

If you are interested in winning this collection, it won’t cost a thing.  I’ll provide shipping, but US only, sorry!

Have fun and enjoy!

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#RT16 Convention #books and swag #giveaway! 

Winner!!  Kimberley Gifford, Congratulations!  An email has been sent!

Why am I doing a giveaway again?  Well, I brought a LOT of books and swag back from the RT16 Convention in Las Vegas with the intention of sharing it with my fellow bloggers and followers.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to ship overseas, but if you live in the US and would like to enter, pls click on the Rafflecopter link below.

Included in this stash are:

BOOKS:   Continue reading “#RT16 Convention #books and swag #giveaway! “

This Chick is at the #RT16 Convention!

My sister and I took a girls trip this year and decided to go to the RT Convention in Las Vegas.  Wednesday was my first day, and it was soooo busy!  There are reader parties, writer seminars, and social events, all booked back to back.  My feet were ok (thanks to my new shoes!), my back hurt a bit, and my mind was spinning!  I had a 30 minute private meeting with Cherry Adair to discuss a novel I am writing.  I’ve entered her challenge called Just Finish the Damned Book Club, and she was nice enough to meet with those of us who were at the event to give us a little private advice.  Thanks Cherry! Continue reading “This Chick is at the #RT16 Convention!”