This Chick is at the #RT16 Convention!

My sister and I took a girls trip this year and decided to go to the RT Convention in Las Vegas.  Wednesday was my first day, and it was soooo busy!  There are reader parties, writer seminars, and social events, all booked back to back.  My feet were ok (thanks to my new shoes!), my back hurt a bit, and my mind was spinning!  I had a 30 minute private meeting with Cherry Adair to discuss a novel I am writing.  I’ve entered her challenge called Just Finish the Damned Book Club, and she was nice enough to meet with those of us who were at the event to give us a little private advice.  Thanks Cherry!  She is the lovely read head in the picture, below.  I am the tired blonde on the right.

As I entered the convention area, they had some great posters set up around the registration area and hallways.  They definitely get you in the mood!


I started my day at 11am in the Meet the Author’s from Down Under, where they did a prize giveaway if you answered questions about New Zealand and Australia correctly.  I was awful!  However, nobody else was any better so I was able to pick up some books, and meet a couple authors.  I was very excited to meet Nalini Singh and Keri Arthur who I am big fans of.  They were very charming and funny!

I sat in a couple of Publisher talks for both Kensington and Entangled, which were very informative, but my favorite day session was the Historical: Look Around:Exploring the Exciting New World of Inclusive Historical Romance.  The author’s included Alyssa Cole, Lena Hart, Coutney Milan, and Genevieve Turner.  This was a fascinating talk on the lack of diversity in historical fiction.  All three of these authors are ethnic and have written historical romances as other ethnicities.  I came out of that meeting realizing that my reviews were not very ethnically diverse, so I will be exploring novels with more diversity in future.

In the evening, I went to two out of the three social parties.  Susan Mallery and Robyn Carr hosted a Reader Appreciation party that was beautiful and warm.  They had great swag, including books from both authors, a jewelry case and a duffle bag.  We also got food!  Food is a rare thing, I’ve found out, and so I took advantage of the fare and enjoyed a glass of wine as well!

The last party I made it to, but not the last of the evening was a wonderful Viva la Historical party.  This party had a ton of authors, all dressed up historical dresses signing autographs.  It was gorgeous!  There were also cover models walking around handing out candy.  Eye candy and chocolate.  Two of my favorite things!  See below for photo’s from that party.

I had a wonderful first day, met a TON of wonderful friendly people, and received a HUGE number of free books.  Book tally-21 books!  My sister got 31.

A very fun trip so far!


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