#RT16 Book Fair in Vegas

Saturday was the last day of our trip to the RT Convention in Vegas.  The Book Fair was from 10a-2p, and around 800 Authors were present.  Even though my book count at that point was 108, and I spent $110 shipping home two boxes this morning, there were a few book items that I still needed to have!  The people who had bought a week long convention pass got in a half hour earlier than the rest of the masses so you’ll note its kind of empty.  A half hour from when I took these photo’s, it was packed wall to wall! 

Susan Mallery has a new book out this week called Best of My Love, which I have read, and it’s fabulous!  I will be reviewing it later this week.  On Facebook, she had a promotion where you could send in a photo and her assistant would paste it onto the cover of her novel.  I had a color copy printed that I wanted her to sign, and I also bought the previous book in that series since I hadn’t read it.

This is the photo I had her sign.  I think she should’ve used it for her cover!  Lol.

I also had to get Kristen Ashley to sign a book for me, and took another picture.  Yes, I know, I have a mild girl crush on her.  Her new book comes out this week, and I can’t wait to read it!

Me and Kristen Ashley, again…

I also bought a copy of Richelle Mead’s new book, The Glittering Court, and had her photo taken with the picture below.  She is just gorgeous!  She also filled me in that this book, the first in the series, will seem like there are unanswered questions in, I think she said the fourth chapter, that she will answer in the next book.  She said that a ton of viewers have been asking her questions about that, so she wanted to fill me in so I didn’t get disappointed.  Good to know!  Now I need to read it to find out exactly what she’s talking about!

I also spoke to Amy A. Bartol, as I’ve reviewed her Kricket series, the third to come out next week.  She told me that she has signed on with a publisher to write a series from the point of view of Trey and Kyon, so Kricket’s story will, in fact be continued.  What great news for fans of that series!

As I was finishing my walk through the Book Fair, I happened upon these two gentlemen and just couldn’t pass up the photo op!  Truthfully, there were a ton of cover models at this convention.  Sorry ladies, that I didn’t post more photo’s but I need to make sure my husband gives me the pass to go next year!  Lol.

There were two more small events that my sister and I went to after the Book Fair.  One was a book signing for Random House authors, and I picked up another two books, and then the FAN-tastic party in a bigger ballroom, with MORE authors and swag.  I’ll admit that I forgot to take a picture of my last days loot, but I probably picked up another 14 books, so my book tally for this trip finishes around 122. As they say in France, INCROYABLE! ( Incredible for my English speaking friends.)

We had an amazing time, and have already made the commitment to each other to go to the 2017 RT Convention in Atlanta 5/2-5/7.  It is not a cheap trip, but at least next year it will be in driving distance from my home in SC, so I’ll save on airfare and shipping!  I would recommend this convention at least once to all Romance fiction fans.  The books and swag are great, but meeting the author’s, writers and other readers are what makes this trip so much fun!

I hope you all enjoyed my blog from the road.  I’ll be back to my reviews next week!


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  1. I had never heard of this convention. Since seeing all your posts, I’ve been seriously considered going to it next year. GA is only a 7 hour drive from Ohio… Now I just need to rope a buddy into going 🙂 I’m going to need you play by play notes since you are a seasoned vet.

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    1. Awesome! RT stands for Romantic Times, which is a publication. If you subscribe to their magazine or follow RT Convention on Facebook and Twitter you’ll at least get the notifications. It was close to $500 for the week, plus hotel, but you get that $500 back in books, plus the experience is truly unique and tons of fun! I highly recommend the experience!

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