This Chick Read: Dream Spinner (Dream Team #3) by Kristen Ashley

Hattie and Axl are next up in the Dream Team series where Lottie, a star at Smithy’s revue, pairs up her friends with the men from her Commando boyfriends business. Axl knows immediately that Hattie is the woman for him, the tension between them is intense. Unfortunately, Hattie has a lot of emotional baggage and doesn’t want to let Axl close. When she finds herself with a stalker he takes away her decision and moves her in with him for her protection. All of those walls she’s built up are stormed and Hattie finds herself falling in love.

The Dream Team series harkens back to the very popular earlier series called Dream Man where the head of Axl’s “commando’s”, Hawk has his own love story. The author returns to developing her characters and creating a woman in jeopardy story which bring our two main characters together. This is a plot device that has worked really well for Kristen Ashley in the past and one which I’ve enjoyed so far in the Dream Team series.

Hattie isn’t the only one who was some heavy baggage to work through in this novel. Axl also has his own daddy issues. I liked that this alpha male wanted to fix everything for Hattie, but she was given some rough edges to smooth over or at least be supportive about when Axl’s problems reared it’s ugly head. In today’s world it just wouldn’t have gone over well if Hattie didn’t become a strong partner for Axl. Todays readers want to read about women who will go the limit for their man.

I thought Dream Spinner was a solid KA novel. Was it my favorite in the series? No? I say that with a question mark because it wasn’t bad at all I just preferred Evie’s story from the second novel a little bit more. I did really enjoy Hattie’s dance background and though her performances sounded pretty cool and interesting. I also liked how her personal story was resolved with a happy ending. If you haven’t read the previous two novels I really don’t think you need to. Despite it being a group of girlfriends who all work together you aren’t missing anything by not reading the earlier novels. Feel free to pick this one up and enjoy. Heck, if you like it, you know you have two to immediately pick up and read!


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review and it was honest.

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This Chick Read: The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Jess is a single mother working multiple jobs as a data and statistics wizard. She works hard to make ends meet and is too focused on being Juno’s mom to bother letting someone new in her life. After all, what’s the point, they all leave anyway. When she hears about GeneticAlly which focuses on people’s genes in order to make the perfect match she totally gets it. However, she never has any intention of spitting into a cup to find her soulmate. Dr. River Peña is one of the genius’s behind GeneticAlly and when he and Jess end up being a 98% Diamond match he can’t help but see it through. After all, he believes in the science. As they get to know each other, they click on every level so it has to be true, doesn’t it?

I loved the concept behind The Soulmate Equation. I met my husband 21 years ago through an online dating service so I had total buy in. That was about all that was similar to my own experience as this fantasy dating app is a long way from answering a series of questions on the dating service I used. It was time for Jess to catch a break and have something go her way, her life up to that point had been full of struggle. For her match to be the hot guy that she has seen in her coffee shop for the past two years seemed to be kismet. That the dating concept used genetics to create the “perfect” match was perfect for a character who was a statistic whiz and made perfect sense that it was the scientist who invented the concept, and as I got to know our main couple I couldn’t help but feel they were meant to be.

I loved both of these characters. Jess’s struggles to give her daughter the childhood she didn’t have, and as we got to know River we learned that he wasn’t always the handsome scientist he was today. He was actually quite the geek who excelled academically at a very young age. They both had their struggles and their connection was off the charts. It’s rare that I read a romance novel that gives me goose bumps anymore and this novel definitely did.

As with the other Christina Lauren novels I’ve read the dialog is fun and the romance sizzling. This was an easy book to read and get lost in. If you’re looking for that story that will take you away from your troubles The Soulmate Equation is the perfect match. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review and it was honest!

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It’s Monday, what are you reading? (5/17/21)

It’s been a super busy work week so I haven’t really spent any time physically reading but I have listened to an audiobook. When I’m tired sometimes it’s easier to listen to an old favorite series than it is to engage my mind with something new. This re-read reminded me of how great this series is and I am eager to read the next novel.


Magic Strikes is book #3 in the Kate Daniels series. One of my favorite female protagonists in fantasy fiction. This novel was very high action and introduces the reader to Hugh D’Ambre who becomes her arch nemesis in future novels.


I have been lucky to receive an ARC of this novel. It’s funny because lately I have been doing some reading from Nora Roberts catalog of books, especially her romantic suspense. It seems I missed quite a few through the years. I’m glad I’ll be reading this one as it comes out instead of years later! It looks really good!

I am looking forward to digging in and relaxing with a good book tomorrow. What book are you reading? Are you having a good time reading it? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Monday!


This Chick Read: Going Wild (The Wild Ones #2) by C. M. Owens

Moving to Tomahawk, Washington was not a part of Liam’s life plan. As the owner of multiple galleries and various other businesses he has made tons of money and was coasting through life. When Kylie Malone joins his skydiving group she ends up saving his life and also changing the direction of it. Spending weeks together as she nurses him back to health he completely falls for her, but he forgot one thing. He forgot to tell her he had a girlfriend. Kylie left him and left town for Tomahawk, and one year later Liam follows. He though Kylie was a sweet girl and she kept trying to warn him, but it wasn’t until he moved to her hometown and saw how crazy that corner of the world was he only knew one thing. Despite the craziness she was the one for him.

I bought this book immediately after reading the first book The Wild Ones. I wrote that review and raved above it in July 2018. It was the funniest book in the world, so why did I let this book sit in my Kindle for almost three years??? I had two weeks between Arc’s and could read anything I wanted so I’ve been going through my Kindle and cleaning books out but reading the first couple of chapters. If by the second chapter I wasn’t hooked I was deleting them. By Chapter two of Going Wild I was laughing so hard I was crying and I ended up reading it straight through. Oh my gosh I have not laughed out loud like this in a long time. What made it so great? Well, it’s really hard to describe, but I’ll try to give a couple of hints.

Tomahawk- There are four families of Wild Ones in Tomahawk and Kylie is a Malone which is one of those crazy families. They are loving in a pretty physical way. I don’t mean they are getting it on all the time, they are fighting, blowing things up, and playing pranks on each other. Their level of fun is to the extreme. When Liam moves to Tomahawk, he doesn’t know any better and moves to the wrong side of the lake from Kylie. He moves in next door to the Vincent’s, who were featured in the first book. When he moves there he is one of the only non-bearded men in town (long story but read the first book) and the ladies are trying to butter him up with casseroles and baked goods but he is waiting for Kylie to make an appearance and doesn’t have eyes for any other woman. Ahhh.

Kylie- She is the only female in the Malone pack. Surrounded by her 5 male cousins and father once she see’s Liam she not only has to run off all the females in town who are trying to woo him away with their culinary skills she has to protect him from her family. Although, really she doesn’t.

Liam- at first I thought “this was our hero” because he was kind of icky. However, when he got to Tomahawk that ick turned into determination and you have to admire a guy who knows what he wants, changes his whole life for her, and goes after her.

Going Wild has too many wild situations and hijinks to even try to get you all to understand or comprehend, but if your in the mood, and I definitely was, this book will light you up it is so funny. It is slapstick humor so if that isn’t your thing, please move on. If you want to take a chance and have Kindle Unlimited it is part of your subscription and you can give it a try. Because I needed a good laugh and got one from Going Wild this is a five star read from me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This Chick Read: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

Alex and Poppy met in college and struck up a unique friendship. Nothing alike, they balanced each other out and became a support system that they each needed. As they grew older and life moved them further apart they kept up the tradition they started in college of taking a summer vacation together. Summer’s that were the bright spot of their year until something happened two years ago and they haven’t spoken since. Until one night when Poppy texted a message, “Hey”.

Last year’s Beach Read was in my Top 5 best books of the year so I had really high expectations for People We Meet on Vacation. While it didn’t touch the right note that Beach Read hit (right time to read, right mood, etc.) it was still an outstandingly good book and will again be placed in my Top 10 at least so far this year. The awkward nerdy-hot Alex, and the retro-dressed outgoing yet insecure Poppy were both from the same home town and although they didn’t know each other growing up immediately clicked on a long drive home for winter break. Their friendship came fast and solid. Alex was non judgmental about her unique family and she jokingly picked and prodded Alex out of his multiple comfort zones. They had different goals in life and supported each others dreams, to the detriment of their own feelings. When their summer vacation went awry two years ago causing a rift the reader see’s through Poppy’s perspective and feels how deeply disturbed she’s been despite not knowing exactly what happened. By the time she typed ‘Hey’ I was all in on their relationship becoming something more secure and felt the desperation Poppy was feeling that kept me on the emotional edge of my seat wishing for their happiness.

The clever use of flashbacks of Poppy and Alex’s vacations means that we knew Alex just as well by the time that fateful text was made. I was caught hook, line, and sinker and there was no way I wasn’t going to finish this story, needing to know where Poppy and Alex stood at the end. As we lived through what might be their last summer vacation together (after all life moves forward despite our relationships and feelings) I teetered between tears and laughter, caught in their emotional drama. Emily Henry really knows how to craft friendship novels fraught with emotional crisis.

People We Meet on Vacation was just as good as last year’s Beach Read so why did I score it a half rating less? I really think it was the fact that in Beach Read the characters lives before their story started together had the drama whereas in this novel the drama was created by these two characters. It’s a very small detail and truthfully it was used very effectively. I just liked how I felt while reading Beach Read much better than I did while reading People We Meet on Vacation. Reading is all about your own perspective being stamped upon the story you are reading. I was a half rating short of being in the perfect mood to read this book. That’s it. No other reason, it was really just as good. In fact, I’ll probably pick it up in audio to live through their relationship again. If my feelings change about the rating, I’ll let you know!


I received a copy of this ARC through NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review and it was honest!

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It’s Monday, what are you reading? (5/10/21)

Between my husband coming home after a three week absence and Mother’s Day I only managed to finish one book this weekend and haven’t yet started the next, but I do know what it will be. Let’s get to the details!

This post originated over on Book Date, so thanks for the idea and letting me continue on the discussion about what books I am reading.


Someone very nicely dropped off Under Currents by Nora Roberts in my Little Library which I hadn’t yet read, yay! I’ve had it tucked away on my stack for a few months but finally found a moment in between ARC’s to read this one, knowing I’d get into it quickly. I love a consistent author! True enough I didn’t have trouble as it launched right into one of the underlying plots and I was enmeshed in the story. I enjoyed this one a lot if you haven’t read it yet.


I need to read and review this book by the launch date and let’s be honest, it’s no hardship. This looks totally cute. I can’t wait to get started….. possibly tonight.

What books do you have on your kindle that will be getting you through the next week? Please let me know in the comments. I love finding new books to add to my TBR.

Happy Monday!


This Chick Read: Make It Sweet by Kristen Callihan

Emma is known for her role as Princess Anya on Dark Castle when at the read through for the final episode she finds out she is being killed off. Returning early to her home she finds her boyfriend getting it on with their waitress from the night before. Needless to say, it was a very bad day. Needing something to relax away from the camera’s and attention she decides to stay at the villa of a friend of her grandmother’s. Lucien has a life threatening injury on the ice and is hiding away at his grandmother’s villa when she asks him to pick up her good friend’s granddaughter at the airport. Grumpy about being manipulated into doing something he didn’t want to do when he picks Emma up he is surly especially when Emma (who he has always been a big fan of) doesn’t recognize him in return. Mixing slapstick humor with a really sweet love story Kristen Callihan again gives us flawed characters we can love as well as some amazing food that had me searching the cupboards for anything sweet.

Make It Sweet although a stand alone novel has a couple of characters from Kristen Callihan’s last book Dear Enemy. Macon Saint is Emma’s love interest on the series Dark Castle. He and Delilah’s wedding takes place in Make It Sweet and it’s fun to see the conclusion to their romance. However, if you never read that book they would still be utterly charming and you wouldn’t miss anything by not having read Dear Enemy, so please pick up this book. I feel like I need to explain the series Dark Castle that both Emma and Macon star in. As a comparison think Game of Thrones style violence and sex. So you can see part of Lucien’s aggravation at meeting Emma and she not knowing who he is whereas he is a big fan and has seen her almost completely naked. It makes for some funny scenes where he is aggravated and she’s completely clueless, although in a very smart way. This is no dumb blonde.

Usually it’s the heroine in these stories that I’m more drawn to because, hello, I am a girl and can identify with a woman better. However, Lucien’s trauma was more interesting to me and had more long term affects on him psychologically. How was this pro hockey player going to get past this life altering injury. I won’t ruin the surprise but we find out that Lucien is a man of many talents and this other talent of his is brought out to woo Emma, although I don’t think he knew that was what he was doing at first. I’ll admit to feeling a little woo’d myself and wished my own husband had this same talent. LOL

Make it Sweet is a charming story about two totally likable characters, one sweet and one surly. They are both working through some tough life altering drama’s and despite those hours despairing over their future they decide to let love into their lives. I really liked their message and I loved these two characters, as well as some of the side characters in the story. This one is worth picking up and if you have Kindle Unlimited it’s in your subscription. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

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This Chick Read: Falling in Luck by Mary Ann Marlowe

Mallory Pech thinks she’s cursed by bad luck. Her best friend Benji Chance thinks there is no such thing as bad luck, you make your own. When Jean-Luc Chevalier, the very charming and gorgeous son of her company’s CEO comes to New York on a business trip Mallory crushes hard and is determined to catch his eye. Surprisingly this time she does! When he proposes a marriage of convenience Mallory decides to seize the day and joins him back in Paris for a 30 day trial run. The only problem is that she misses her best friend dreadfully, and Jean-Luc’s family is not like she imagined from their picture on Instagram. Could it be that she was never unlucky at love and her hearts desire was in front of her the whole time?

Despite knowing where this story was going right from the get-go I thought Falling in Luck was a lot of fun. Mallory was funny and sweet, if not a little naivé about a few things, but I over-looked them because I love a good redemption romance and she and Benji were just too cute for words and I wanted their HEA . The only down-side is that Benji spent a lot of the novel on the other side of the pond while Mallory was in over her head in Paris.

It would have been so easy to write this novel so the reader would hate Jean-Luc, but he was French, good looking, and charming and obviously had a soft spot for the terminally klutzy Mallory. I mean I’m surprised this girl didn’t walk in front of a bus in Paris while looking the wrong way! Jean-Luc, while having a lot of his own problems stuck by her and was her savior so I, of course, couldn’t hate him. However, their coupledom was doomed from the start and I’ll admit I was a little antzy to get to the real romance. When was Benji going to come after Mallory? Ultimately he arrived, but I would’ve been a little happier if it had happened sooner.

Ms. Marlowe has always written great characters and I loved Mallory, Benji, and Jean-Luc as well as the other cast of characters in the book. Like I said previously, they were all so easy to like but it was apparent from the start who the hero was going to be in this story despite the two charming men vying for our obtuse, sweet, Mallory. I’m all for self-discovery novels (and boy did Mallory need to find herself) but I was in the mood for romance and there’s no place like Paris for taking that next step towards love. Ah Amour! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this ARC from the author for my honest review and it was honest!

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Friday YA: Love and Olives (Love and Gelato #3) by Jenna Evans Welch

Liv’s father left she and her mother to go back to Greece and search for the lost city of Atlantis. I know, it sounds crazy, right? Well, Live thinks so too. She’s so embarrassed by it that she hardly ever mentions him to her boyfriend. She has dropped the O-L and E from her name and re-invented herself as smooth and chic when underneath she’s rather a geek like her father. When she starts receiving post cards from him out of the blue it’s totally upsetting and she shoves them away physically and emotionally until her mother makes her accept an invitation by her father to visit him in Greece. A father that she hasn’t seen or spoken to in eight years. This unplanned vacation interrupts her plans for the summer and she starts off the trip resentful but she soon discovers life is a journey and sometimes the unexpected trip is the greatest journey of them all.

I have read all of the books in the Love & Gelato series and enjoyed the first two Love & Gelato and Love & Luck. I can say with all seriousness that Love & Olive is by far my favorite of this series. That the teen finding herself trope that this author has stuck with was fine tuned and wonderful making Olive and her father’s reunion an emotional and eye opening book. Her love interest Theo was pretty unexpectedly wonderful too.

First and foremost, yes, there is a great deal of hunting for the lost city of Atlantis. A tale that Olive and her father bonded over in her youth and something that Liv is totally cringing about now. BUT she still remembers all of those facts about this city and she finds herself being drawn into that story again. Her father brought her out to Greece to work on a project with him for National Geographic and as Olive and Theo run around following clues and getting b-roll she can’t help but think her father may be slightly delusional but well, maybe he’s onto something.

The majority of this story takes place on Santorini, and that island and setting are a character unto itself. The white buildings with painted blue roofs, the churches, the blue waters of the ocean surrounding it. In my mind it wasn’t such a bad place to be stuck for 10 days, especially with a father who so obviously loves her and with a charming, cute Greek boy. I think Olive starts to think the same thing. Of course, there is a bit of emotional trauma that rocks the boat, some sour searching Olive must do, but in the end with hard work Olive’s world turns out alright.

You do not have to read any of the previous books in this series before reading this novel, AT ALL. So if you are looking for a quick, fun vacation read please download, purchase the paperback, or borrow it from a friend. This one is charming, fun, and has an emotional kick that will surprise you. In this bloggers opinion Love & Olives is a five star read. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

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This Chick Read: Meant to be Immortal (Argeneau #32) by Lynsay Sands

There are a few ways to kill an immortal with fire being one of the quickest. When Mac Argeneau finds himself in the basement of his new home with it on fire and no way out, he immerses himself in the tub until the fire fighters can get him out. Of course, then he has to drink the blood of all of them to recover and wipe their minds when he heals miraculously. Which he does except for investigator CJ Cummings whom he unexpectedly can’t mind read. A sign that she is his life mate, something he though would never find as he’s been alive for 1000 years. Not wanting to lose her he attaches himself to her side and insists she be his body guard and she unwillingly goes along.

I should know better than to jump into a series at book 32. Seriously! However, it was really easy to grasp the concept of these Argeneau’s, all vampire- like immortals who are long-lived through nano’s in their blood stream. Nano’s that require them to drink blood constantly. CJ has been burned by her ex and is not that willing to let Mac charm her but when his whole family arrives she doesn’t really stand a chance. I liked her back story better than his empty charms but this book was easy to read so I didn’t hold my feelings of ambivalence against it.

Mac was a scientist, researching nano’s, I’d guess to help keep his family living easily but that was not ever really explained. I thought it odd that he’d be so smart when it came to research but so dumb when it came to his life mate. CJ was kind of prickly but she wasn’t that hard to understand. It annoyed me a bit that it was like watching a boy get his first crush, bumbling about a bit. I like my hero’s a little more take charge. CJ didn’t seem to mind though.

I have heard of this author, of course, but I don’t usually read paranormal books. I do have friends who are great fans of Lynsay Sands so I was curious and requested the book. I was surprised to find her writing to be a bit simplistic and expected a little more detail to the back story especially since we are on book 32 of the series. Without having read the others I can’t say if this was her normal style or if this was an off book. I can only rate it based on my own experience. Yours may be completely different so please pick it up and give it a chance, after all he does look good in that shower! ❤️❤️❤️

I receive a copy of this novel through NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review and it was honest.

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