This Chick Read: Nightwork by Nora Roberts

When Harry Booth was twelve he stole for the first time. His mother had been diagnosed with cancer and the bills were piling up. He eventually graduated from picking pockets to identifying a target and specific item and breaking into a home to steal. He never took more than was needed, greed not being the reason he stole. When he was eighteen he went to college and fell in love with Miranda Emerson. He worries about giving too much of himself away but he should be worried about his past. Someone he once came in contact with wants his talents for his own use and he isn’t afraid to threaten those that Booth loves. Booth cuts ties with Miranda and runs to Europe trying to lose himself but he never forgets the girl he left behind.

Years later Booth runs into Miranda in the small town where he’s teaching high school, on hiatus from his “night work”. He’s still in hiding but finds that his love for her is still strong.

I can always rely on a romantic thriller by Nora Roberts to be an easy read, enjoyable, and have great characters. I’ll admit, when Nightwork started and I realized that the point of view was through Booth’s eyes, I was hesitant about it, but despite his occupation, Booth was incredibly easy to like. I think it’s because he was a thief with a code of honor. He researched what to steal and only took that item, never falling prey to greediness. It also helped to have a serious bad guy in LaPorte as a comparison. Booth’s escapades were the lesser evil for sure! I liked that we met Miranda pretty far into Booth’s story. I really needed to know him for the obvious reason that he is a thief, but also because he was male. I don’t read too many novels with a male protagonist, which I’ll admit is totally happenstance and kind of weird. Once Miranda entered the story, I really liked him, felt for his circumstances and wanted to see him settle down- which of course didn’t happen. They were both super smart and perfect for each other, more as adults than teenagers.

I really liked the Ocean’s 11 aspects of this book. This is a novel about good vs. evil and I’ll pick good every time. I’ll admit, this good was a bit tarnished but pairing Booth with Miranda gave them a luster that might have been absent if it were only Booth trying to overcome the odds against LaPorte. There were some other great characters in this novel, Booth’s aunt Mags was a gypsy-ish new-ager was a fun addition and his Creole friends added additional color. Friendships are something else that Nora Robert does well and I’m always eager to visit with a new cast of characters.

If you love heist novels with a bit of romance I think you’ll really enjoy Nightwork. There’s some drama, romance, and mystery all rolled into one adventurous package. It was a great book to read on my beach vacation- I read it all in one day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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