It’s Monday, what are you reading? (12/7/20)

This weekend my husband and I put up our small tree, hung a wreathe and vôilá we were finished decorating for the holidays! It’s funny because I thought we’d go all out in order to keep our spirits up but we just didn’t have the energy. One change this year is that we put the tree up in our bedroom and I have to admit that reading a book in front of a lit tree is one of the highlights of the year. So, what book did I curl up reading? Let’s talk!

This post originated over on Book Date, so thanks for the idea and letting me continue on the discussion about what books I am reading.


Minnie Cooper was born on New Years and her whole life was told that it’s an unlucky day and truthfully bad things do seem to happen on her birthday. Meeting her boyfriend at a New Years party she gets locked in the bathroom and isn’t let out until the next morning by the host who happens to be another New Years baby. The one that took her name and all of her luck on the day she was born. The story of Minnie and Quinn’s friendship was funny, sad, heart-breaking, and heart-melting. It’s my first five star read in awhile.


OK, I haven’t yet started this book but it sounds interesting! Set in WWII a young film producer follows the story of some female pilots when they start getting murdered one by one. This may be a nice change of pace to start off my week!

Now that you know what book I’m reading this fine Monday, please share in the comments. What book will you be starting your week reading?

Happy Monday!


This Chick Read: The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany by Lori Nelson Spielman

Emilia and her cousin Lucy are confused when their estranged great-Aunt Poppy invites them on an all expense paid trip to Italy. All three are second born daughters a fate that means they will never find happiness due to a curse made generations ago. Poppy says that she can break that curse by meeting her true love on the steps of the Ravello Cathedral on the day of her 80th birthday, a date that is fast approaching. Emilia is happy with her life as a single woman but her cousin Lucy’s dreams of love and a family so they anger their family by taking this trip. What they discover while on the trip may change their lives forever.

The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany was the perfect blend of women’s fiction and the magic of romance. Any novel set in Italy has the magic of that land built in but Poppy’s tale of lost love filled me with hope. Emilia and Lucy are the grand-daughters of Poppy’s sister and so are curious about their Aunt whom no one ever speaks. Emilia who never breaks the peace within her own family decides to go on this trip and blows caution to the wind. That one moment of rebelliousness changes her inside and she can no longer go back to the person she was prior to the trip. Lucy on the other hand seeks love from everyone in the hope that someone will fall for her and the curse will be broken so she goes along willingly hoping that Poppy’s promise will come true.

Out of the three ladies, Poppy’s story is the most compelling. Mostly because she had found love, but also because she was 80 and at the end of her life. If she finds love again even the short time she has left is worth all of the heartbreak without. That is the lesson I learned from this novel. Through Emilia and Lucy’s story I learned hope. Which is just as strong an emotion as love but in this case not quite as compelling for me. I did really enjoy their newfound relationship with each other and how the three ladies grew a bond that couldn’t be broken.

If you’re a fan of women’s fiction and Italy, because truly that land was a character in this novel as well, I’d recommend reading The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany. It is sad, beautiful, and hopeful. Emotions that compel a reaction and make you think about your own life and paths still left to us to follow. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review and it was honest.

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This Chick Read: The Awakening (The Dragon Heart Legacy #1) by Nora Roberts

Breen Kelly’s father left she and her mom when she was a little girl, but she remembers the fanciful stories he told about a land filled with magic. When she discovers her mother has been hiding an account in her name filled with millions of dollars she quits the job she hates, unburies herself from her student loans and travels to Ireland, hoping to find the father who left her behind. Instead, she finds a land filled with magic, and a home that she’d always dreamed of having.

Nora Roberts never lets me down. She is consistent, and even when writing fantasy, I enjoy the yarns she spins. The Awakening was no different. In a world where I’m now having difficulty concentrating on a story, I was so happy to be able to immerse myself and step into a land just as Breen steps into her new world.

Let’s talk about these characters. Breen has been overwhelmed by her mother, told she wasn’t good enough, and led to believe that she couldn’t have the things she dreamed of having. Oh, I hate reading about those kinds of mothers! When Breen went off to Ireland she developed a confidence that was fun to read. I enjoyed seeing her gain her strength and a spark of sassiness. Her best friend Marco was a really fun character. He was her strength when she was weak, but became her biggest champion as she found her voice. I’m hoping he is a bigger part of the second novel in the series. He deserves his own story! Keegan, is the leader (I’m not going to try to say the Gaelic or Fey term that Ms. Roberts used and I stupidly didn’t write it down) of the Fey in Talamh (pronounced Tala). He was arrogant and well kind of not nice. I wondered when he would turn into the hero and felt kind of let down by how he was portrayed. His is another character I hope we see flesh out in a more positive manner in the second novel. Especially since he is Breen’s love interest.

I would call this series romantic fantasy, but only in the sense that Ireland, the Fey, Elves, etc. are romantic to read about. I felt a little bit let down in the romance department, but if I threw out any notion that this was supposed to be a romance I would say I enjoyed this fantasy novel. So that is the reason why I’m giving this novel a 4.0 rating. I wasn’t really sure if there was supposed to be a romance between our two main characters. I mean the kind of romance that ends in a happily ever after instead of uncertainty. This novel definitely ended in a cliffhanger, so beware the abrupt ending! I rather liked it because it led me in an unexpected direction, but if cliffhangers are your thing, I thought I’d give the warning. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest.

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This Chick Read: The Boy Toy by Nicola Marsh

After a failed marriage Samira Broderick left Australia and started a succussful new life in LA. When her cousin needs her help in her clinic, Samira offers to come back for six months and pitch in. Being back in Australia after years away, Samira is happy to re-connect with her mother, Kushi, but doesn’t miss the busy bodies in her Indian community. Her mom is always trying to marry her off to a traditional Indian man, but Samira doesn’t want that again. She connects with Rory, an Australian stunt man and starts a secret relationship that’s just supposed to be fun. When feelings start to develop she wonders if she’ll be able to leave after her six months is up.

What about the above sounded interesting? I’m not sure except that I have really found novels that include Indian culture very interesting. Samira is of mixed heritage with a caucasian father and traditional Indian mother. Despite her father being against setting up her first marriage, Samira went along with her mother and married a man that she thought she fell in love with, but it fell apart. Scared of committing to anyone Samira has focused on her career and pushed love aside. When Rory saves her from an unwelcome pickup in a bar, they connect and have a sizzling attraction to each other. Thinking she’d keep this just as light-hearted as her other relationships she is surprised when Rory sneaks under her skin.

Rory was a big surprise. His description sets him up to be a good looking Aussie and not much else, but the author spent a lot of time giving him a back story. He has stuttered since childhood and his self-consciousness is the reason for his insecurity. Like Samira, he’s not looking for a serious relationship either because he’s afraid to pass along her stutter to a child. I think this is the first time I’ve read where stuttering is hereditary and I thought that was really interesting!

I liked these two characters a lot. The author did a good job of making them feel real. I also loved (again) the peak into Indian culture and Samira’s family dynamic. I’m not sure if I was Indian in a past life or what, but I love reading about this culture even in a romance novel. This was a fun novel with a bit of serious undertones. A nice solid romantic drama that ended well and left me feeling good about these characters and their happily ever after. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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It’s Monday, what are you reading? (11/16/20)

Happy Monday! We are approaching the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. People are putting up their tree’s and Christmas lights very early this year and I’ll admit that it’s made me feel a little more cheerful. I love the holidays! This last weekend was beautiful and we took advantage of it with a long walk, some chores outside, and a little hot cocoa next to the fire pit. I also made time to read. As my husband said, he hasn’t seen me immersed in a book this much in months! It felt good! I’ll tell you a little bit about it below.

This post originated over on Book Date, so thanks for the idea and letting me continue on the discussion about what books I am reading.


Despite this author’s personal belief’s, I was really looking forward to reading this book because this series has become so good! I was not disappointed at all. The mystery was so well written that it kept me guessing until the end and the main character arc progressed forward just a tad solidifying their great friendship. This was a long one folks, and this type of book requires concentration. I didn’t want to miss a thing.


I admit, I haven’t started this one yet, and may change my mind yet. It’s an ARC that I need to read and I’ve been looking forward to it. Originally set to come out last spring the release date was pushed to November so I’ve had this one a little while. Has anyone read it? I’d love to hear what you think.

What book will help get your week kickstarted? Is it a romance? A mystery? Historical? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading!


It’s Monday, what are you reading? (11/8/20)

What a glorious weekend! The weather in Tennessee was in the mid 70’s, the election is over (although they’ll have to remove the man who has chained himself to the desk), and I have caught up on writing some posts. Yay! I’ve just started a novel I was relishing reading and all is good in the world. Despite it being Monday and I have a full work week ahead.

This post originated over on Book Date, so thanks for the idea and letting me continue on the discussion about what books I am reading.


OK, I didn’t say I got a lot of reading done, did I? LOL. I finished this one last week and the review has gone out. I enjoyed it! It was the best in the series to date and gives me hope that the author may be able to build some emotionally driven plot into the next book.


Despite this author’s views and personal belief’s (which I don’t agree with) I was looking forward to reading this book. I love these characters and the mysteries are so well done. This is a long book so hopefully I can give you some feedback soon!

What book are you starting your week reading? Let’s hear about it!


This Chick Read: Shadow Rites (Jane Yellowrock #10) by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock is the enforcer to the Master Vampire of New Orleans, Leo Pellissier. Handling vampire politics is never easy but when she is magically attacked she finds a link to the upcoming Vampire-Witch enclave. A meeting that is planned to align the American witches with Leo’s territory, and include their safety, before the European vampire meeting in a few months. Jane’s attack means someone is trying to undermine that meeting and Jane needs to find out who and destroy their chances of success.

Jane has a lot riding on finding who and what may be trying to ruin her chances of protecting the vampires and witches. Her job as enforcer is one, but more importantly the safety of what she considers her family; her partners ElI and Alex, her boyfriend George, and her best friend Molly and her children. Connections are new to Jane, and she is determined to protect them all, even if it’s from herself.

This novel again brought out something new in our hero. Frailty. Physically she’s still strong, but her feelings make her insecure. In Shadow Rites Jane pushes herself past the barriers she has put up to protect herself and allows herself to imagine that she may not be able to keep everyone safe and she may just have to let them save themselves. I think this was a big step for this character and makes her so much more interesting! In both Broken Soul and Dark Heir she allowed her emotions to overcome her inner objections, but in Shadow Rites she has to allow herself to trust. In both herself and those around her she cares about.

All of these changes should lead to a stronger heroine to protect her friends and family when the European vampires finally come to New Orleans. We may have another book or two before that happens as the author gets Jane fully prepared to handle the danger that is still to come. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

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This Chick Read: Crazy Stupid Bromance (Bromance Book Club #3) by Lyssa Kay Adams

Alexis Carlisle has PTSD from being sexually harassed by a former boss, and instead of acting on her attraction to her friend Noah she has put him firmly in the friend zone. When a young woman approaches her in her coffee shop and claims she’s her half sister her life spins off it’s base and she turns to Noah to help her through, especially when she find out her father needs her kidney to live.

The premise for this series is that a group of men use romance novels to help them learn about themselves and the women they love. A fun premise that so far hadn’t lived up to its expectations, however Crazy Stupid Bromance comes the closest. Noah and Alexis are quite the pair. He is an ex hactivist who as a teen had angrily hacked into a government property after his father dies in Afghanistan with faulty equipment. Alexis came to fame because she charged a celebrity chef with sexual harassment and hasn’t trusted a man since. These two shouldn’t have been a likely couple but they somehow worked and I think it was because they had the basis of a solid friendship before moving on to anything heavier. Their story wasn’t rushed like a lot of romances are and the pace was pretty perfect.

Alexis was the catalyst to Liv and Mack’s romance in Undercover Bromance so I felt like I knew her a little bit, but Noah’s character hadn’t really been explored yet. He was the computer nerd of the group and that’s about it. I loved that he had this kind of rebel background and an anger that he still hadn’t overcome. It gave he and Alexis a little conflict that seemed more natural that sneaking around and spying on a Chef as the previous novel had done. So the story felt real and not fabricated.

Alexis’s newly found father (and his family) also created some conflict, so this story wasn’t all puppies and butterflies. In fact, I shed a couple of tears at her heart-wrenching decisions about her family and really enjoyed how this author wrapped up that story. All in all this has been my favorite of the three Bromance Book Club novels. I think the Russian may be up next and I’m not sure I’m ready to read his hairy, gross story, so this series may be put on pause on my TBR. We’ll see what that synopsis looks like. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it is honest!

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It’s Monday, what are you reading? (11/2/2020)

As we approach the election here in the US I’m diving into TV shows, movies, and books to try to escape from all of the negativity. Gosh, I can’t wait until this is all over and I hope America votes for decency, empathy, and kindness. On to books! I did get one read and have one I have really been looking forward to up next! Can’t wait!

This post originated over on Book Date, so thanks for the idea and letting me continue on the discussion about what books I am reading.


The best in the series to date! I liked how these two had real life conflicts that they worked through. It was interesting and fun. I enjoyed this one!


Despite this author’s predilections for stupidity, I do love this series! I can’t wait to start this one tonight! How are Cormoran and Robin going to solve the next murder, and will they or won’t they finally act on their feelings for each other?

Yes, I am daring to branch out into a mystery with some much beloved characters! I am hoping it will be a distraction from the big day on Tuesday. What are you reading to get you through this week?

Have a good one!


This Chicks Sunday Commentary: My Top 5 Most Anticipated Book Releases- Nov’20

Is it just me or are you also having trouble coming up with 5 books I want to read that are being released in November? I really couldn’t find 5 on this list, so I am going to go with the four I found that I knew I wanted to read instead of pushing to that 5th book. I hope that’s ok!


I like the setting in Australia and have also enjoyed a number of romance novels with an Indian main character. I thought this one looked cute! Not thought provoking but I’m looking for entertainment away from the stress of life lately and I think this one fits the bill.


A woman ready to give up on love meets her match in a man she never expected to fall for in this heartwarming and steamy new romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Nicola Marsh.

For almost a decade, successful 37-year-old Samira Broderick has used her bustling LA practice as an excuse to avoid a trip home to Australia. She still resents her meddling Indian mother for arranging her marriage to a man who didn’t stick around when the going got tough, but now with a new job Down Under, she’s finally ready to reconnect with her. And while she’s there, a hot international fling might be just what she needs to get out of her recent funk. 

Aussie stuntman, Rory Radcliffe, has been hiding his stutter for years by avoiding speaking roles. When a job he can’t refuse comes up as a reality show host, he knows he’ll need some help for the audition: a dialect coach. But he finds himself at a loss for words when he discovers it’s the same sexy woman with whom he just had a mind-blowing one-night stand… 

Samira can think of many reasons why Rory is completely wrong for her: he’s ten years her junior, for one, and he’s not Indian–something Samira’s mother would never approve of. Even if things were to get serious, there’s no reason to tell her mother…is there?

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If I can’t travel on vacation this year then I certainly want to visit an exotic locale in my head. This story sounds fun and I’m all about the Italian villas and finding love even if you’re eighty.

Synopsis: A trio of second-born daughters sets out on a whirlwind journey through the lush Italian countryside to break the family curse that says they’ll never find love, by New York Times bestseller Lori Nelson Spielman, author of The Life List.

Since the day Filomena Fontana cast a curse upon her sister more than two hundred years ago, not one second-born Fontana daughter has found lasting love. Some, like second-born Emilia, the happily-single baker at her grandfather’s Brooklyn deli, claim it’s an odd coincidence. Others, like her sexy, desperate-for-love cousin Lucy, insist it’s a true hex. But both are bewildered when their great-aunt calls with an astounding proposition: If they accompany her to her homeland of Italy, Aunt Poppy vows she’ll meet the love of her life on the steps of the Ravello Cathedral on her eightieth birthday, and break the Fontana Second-Daughter Curse once and for all.
Against the backdrop of wandering Venetian canals, rolling Tuscan fields, and enchanting Amalfi Coast villages, romance blooms, destinies are found, and family secrets are unearthed—secrets that could threaten the family far more than a centuries-old curse.

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I’ve read the first two novels in this series and really enjoyed the locales as well as the underlying lessons learned by these young main characters. This one has a different location, and a new lesson!


From the New York Times bestselling author of Love & Gelato comes a Mamma Mia!–inspired tale about a teen girl finding romance while trying to connect with her absent father in beautiful Santorini, Greece.

Liv Varanakis doesn’t have a lot of fond memories of her father, which makes sense—he fled to Greece when she was only eight. What Liv does remember, though, is their shared love for Greek myths and the lost city of Atlantis. So when Liv suddenly receives a postcard from her father explaining that National Geographic is funding a documentary about his theories on Atlantis—and will she fly out to Greece and help?—Liv jumps at the opportunity.

But when she arrives to gorgeous Santorini, things are a little…awkward. There are so many questions, so many emotions that flood to the surface after seeing her father for the first time in years. And yet Liv doesn’t want their past to get in the way of a possible reconciliation. She also definitely doesn’t want Theo—her father’s charismatic so-called “protégé”—to witness her struggle.

And that means diving into all that Santorini has to offer—the beautiful sunsets, the turquoise water, the hidden caves, and the delicious cuisine. But not everything on the Greek island is as perfect as it seems. Because as Liv slowly begins to discover, her father may not have invited her to Greece for Atlantis, but for something much more important.

Click this link to purchase! Love & Olives


Book #1 in a new fantasy romance by Nora Roberts? I’m all in! This story looks charming and I can’t wait to read it!


New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts begins a new trilogy of adventure, romance, and magick in The Awakening.

In the realm of Talamh, a teenage warrior named Keegan emerges from a lake holding a sword—representing both power and the terrifying responsibility to protect the Fey. In another realm known as Philadelphia, a young woman has just discovered she possesses a treasure of her own…

When Breen Kelly was a girl, her father would tell her stories of magical places. Now she’s an anxious twentysomething mired in student debt and working a job she hates. But one day she stumbles upon a shocking discovery: her mother has been hiding an investment account in her name. It has been funded by her long-lost father—and it’s worth nearly four million dollars.

This newfound fortune would be life-changing for anyone. But little does Breen know that when she uses some of the money to journey to Ireland, it will unlock mysteries she couldn’t have imagined. Here, she will begin to understand why she kept seeing that silver-haired, elusive man, why she imagined his voice in her head saying Come home, Breen Siobhan. It’s time you came home. Why she dreamed of dragons. And where her true destiny lies—through a portal in Galway that takes her to a land of faeries and mermaids, to a man named Keegan, and to the courage in her own heart that will guide her through a powerful, dangerous destiny…

Click this link to purchase! The Awakening: The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 1

I am still looking for light romances and escapism and I think these four books will get me through my November! What books are you looking forward to reading next month? Share in the comments below.

Happy Reading!