This Chick Read: Eclipse the Moon (Starlight’s Shadow #2) by Jessie Mihalik

Ever since her ship took on a group of Valoff’s permanently Kee Ildiz has been aware of the silent and deadly weapons specialist Varro Runkow. She’s been determined to keep her attitude cheerful even under his dark and slightly uncomfortable gaze. While sifting through data on the net she becomes suspicious of a gathering on a nearby planet and asks her captain and best friend to drop her off for a few weeks to check it out. Thinking this would give her a break from her feelings for the dangerous Valovian and sniff out any trouble while on the ground. Little does she know that Varro is determined to keep her safe and follows her. That distance she needs soon becomes a bit crowded when he’s sharing the small apartment she finds for her few weeks away. When she stumbles into the trouble she felt was brewing she’s thankful the tough guy is by her side.

This second series by Jessie Mihalik has grabbed my attention so much quicker than her first, Polaris Rising. I’m not sure the difference but she’s sharpened her skills in creating fun dialog, interesting characters, a hint of danger, and that little bit of tension that all good space romances need. Kee is an interesting character because on the surface she’s colorful and bright which really hides a depth of emotion and strength that’s surprising. Although being the best friend of her Captain should give away the facts that this woman’s character is true to its core. Varro is a much harder character to get to know. He really is very quiet and exudes danger and a I want to be alone vibe. When we find out his reasons for keeping that wall in place the reader can only like him more and be sympathetic to his finding someone who will be his match. I think they balanced each other out really good and loyalty was a trait that they both shared.

I found the dangerous mission aspect of this story a lot of fun. It starts off light-hearted with a fashion show and zips into guns blazing and bombs bursting pretty quickly. Our two favorite protagonists are soon the hero’s to be and their actions provide a lot of entertainment as well as eye-opening reveals about their characters. This was a really well written, fun, space opera romance. I loved every bit of it.


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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