This Chick Read: The Only Game in Town by Lacie Waldon

Jess Reid is a freelance editor giving up a big city job to work from home form her small town of Redford, Oregon. Staying close to her dad and best friend was an easy decision to make even though life in her small town is slow and steady. When Jasper Wilhelm, the town’s eccentric benefactor, dies, he leaves an inheritance available to the town that they have to compete in a contest to win. Carter Barclay, nephew of Jasper, is the only non-Redfordian able to compete in this contest something that causes the townspeople to eye him with suspicion. Everyone but Jess Reid who welcomes him in with her quirky smile and personality. For financial analyst Carter Barclay, Jess is a breath of fresh air and this contest is a chance to learn what made his grandfather love this small town so much.

The Only Game in Town was a welcome change from the usual small town romance. I think this was because of our heroine, Jess. She was so charming in her quirkiness, just living life with a sunny disposition, not really letting anything get her down. When she’s paired with her arch nemesis in the contest, she struggles to find a kernel of good in Nikki’s hard core and manages to keep her sunny disposition. It’s not surprising that Carter can’t resist Jess because I couldn’t either! I wanted to transplant myself into that town and/or find my own Jess best friend in my own town because she is just irresistible and good.

Did I believe that Carter’s more stoic nature and Jess’s rainbows and butterflies personality would be irresistible to each other? YES! As the book went on and more kooky scenes unfolded he loosened his tie and found himself smiling at her antics and looking forward to her personality. There’s something about a straight-laced man loosening up that is also hard to resist and in the end I think they were perfect for each other.

There was, of course, a lot of conflict in this novel. It wasn’t just a fluff contest and a small town romance. There was death, alcoholism, and rivalries to overcome, but it was all told in a way that touched my heart and made me want to keep turning the pages to see how that storyline would end. Truly, this was a well crafted novel with great characters. What’s not to like about that? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review and it was honest.

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