It’s Monday, what are you reading? (9/5/22)

If you live in the US, I hope you have a wonderful day off from work, if you were lucky enough to have the day off. I do, and added on to my long weekend with a couple of extra days, so I’m really enjoying the time to relax and read. Here’s what I’ve been spending my time with.


Ruby Fever came out a few weeks ago, and yes, I had already read this book. I love following up my initial read by listening to Ilona Andrews novels because I find that the nuances in hearing someone narrate the story give me more insight and enjoyment, catching variation in the plot that I may have missed when reading the novel. It was definitely the case with Ruby Fever. Listening turned my 4 star review into a 5 for the audiobook.


The fifteenth novel in the series is just as action-packed as the first, if not more so! This book has so much going on that you just don’t want to put it down. Beware! You will sit and read this one in one day!

How are you choosing to spend your Monday? I hope it’s a good one!