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Nora is the literary agent to one of the most beloved romance novelists, an author whose most recent book is set in the charming little town of Sunshine Falls, North Carolina. When her little sister Libby decides they must have a girls trip to Sunshine Falls, Nora reluctantly packs her Manolo’s and heads into the countryside just to make her sister happy. Who does she run into on her first day in town? Charlie Lastra, the scowling editor who ridiculed the town of Sunshine Falls, and her author’s book. Working from the wilderness of Sunshine Falls isn’t easy and the sole bookstore that has wifi also has Charlie working at its front desk. This enemies to lovers romance has everything I love in a good vacation novel, a smart and sassy heroine, a broody hero, and something they can bond over- co-editing Nora’s author’s future novel. Two fish out of water characters who find romance in a small town….sigh.

I look forward to this time of year for a great Emily Henry novel that I can tout as the next great vacation book. This one certainly checks that box. Nora Stephen’s may have been named after Nora Ephron, but she’s no one’s romance heroine. Unlucky at romance and a little hard-nosed, Nora won’t give in on the things that are important to her just to make a man happy. Charlie Lastra grew up in the small town of Sunshine Falls but dreamed of living in New York. He never really fit in until he moved and is only home to help out his parents at the bookstore while his father is recovering from a health scare. Reading this novel and seeing these two characters realize that they are each other’s person was just so enjoyable! This story may have taken over my #1 favorite Emily Henry novel from Beach Read. Maybe.

Underneath the intricacies of great dialog and surface level snobbery, this novel reveals our characters hidden depths one page at a time until our hearts are bound to the decisions they make, most of which are based upon their love for their family. Nora’s trip to North Carolina with her sister Libby is because she’s worried about her little sister and wants to make her happy and feel that bond they had as children again. Charlie too is back home, a place where he’s never felt he belonged because of the love for his father. The soft insides of these rather hard characters are just the right amount of sweet to their salty. Any more so and it would’ve rang false but Emily Henry’s deft touch is oh so true.

It’s no surprise that I adored Book Lovers. This will be a novel that I will pick up on audiobook and re-read in the years to come. A classic love story about two people who find themselves at the same time that they find each other. I highly recommend this for your vacation book this year! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. I guess I saw a little bit of myself in her so I could relate to her character. I really like this author. She writes intelligent, conflicted characters. Her book Beach Read is one of my all time favorites.

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      1. First…totally love her work! Second, it’s funny how you mentioned being a bit like her, because my daughters friends who have read the book say my daughter is similar to the character..

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