This Chicks Audio Review: Seatmate: Love Lines #3 by Cara Bastone

Gwen and Sam sit next to each other in what must be the worst seats on the bus. The aisle seats next to the bathroom. Sam’s a handsome guy with a streak of blue in his hair who visits his mother once a month in Boston by bus. Gwen is on her way to NY for an interview that could change her life. She has exactly 5 hours and 10 minutes to get there. Surely this 3 hour bus ride will be on time? This is the hilarious story of two people who meet on a bus trip gone awry.

Seatmate is written strictly for audio and is free with your audible subscription. It has all of the sound effects of a movie with different voices for every character, sounds from the road, toilets flushing, we hear it all and it’s so much fun. I forgot I was listening to a book and enjoyed myself immensely, laughing along and rooting for Gwen and Sam to find their HEA’s, despite everything that happens to prevent that.

The only good thing that seems to happen to our main characters is the fact that they sat next to each other on this bus. Their seats stink, his mom sets him up on a blind date to pick him up from the bus stop, the bus gets a flat tire, they save a litter of kittens from the middle of the freeway… There is a LOT packed into this five hour audiobook. I’ve never read anything by Cara Bastone, but I immediately downloaded the first and second books from this series. Seatmate has been the first really feel-good audiobook that I’ve listened to in a while. The narration was spot on, the movie sound effects add to the tension and fun, and I literally laughed out loud at all of the “is this really happening” scenarios. If you love audiobooks, you shouldn’t miss listening to Seatmate!

Disclaimer- Yes, this is a love story, but it’s all about the meet cute! The story leads up to the relationship and has a ton of charm and tension, but no love scenes. If that’s going to disappoint you, then I suggest you don’t take a listen, but if you love laughing out loud, then this is the audiobook for you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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