This Chick Read: Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter

Olivia Marshall has had some truly bad luck, most recently catching her fiancé cheating on her with a co-worker she partnered him up on a work project with, and her apartment burning down after she burned his love letters on a barbecue. Having to move back home into an apartment with her brother and his roommate she thinks she’s hit rock bottom. Until she gets a “What are you wearing?” wrong number, an exchange that lifts her mood and turns her life around. An ongoing exchange that improves her self-worth, she starts to look forward to these texts from Mr. Wrong Number.

Colin Beck has always looked at Olivia as his best friend’s messed up little sister until he realizes she is Ms. Misdial and he has been sexting his best friend’s sis. Now he can’t help but see her through different eyes, eyes that no longer see her as a little sister, but as a grown up woman who he is coming to admire.

Mr. Wrong Number was an absolute hoot! Olivia was a hot mess but she had a joie de vivre that was hard to resist and even staid and studly Colin couldn’t help but see it. Their text exchanges were so funny I swear I had trouble keeping from laughing out loud. Lynn Painter does a great job inserting humor and emotion into every word. This was a well written rom-com!

Of course, disaster in the wake of Olivia finding out the truth about Mr. Wrong Number can’t help but happen but the story turns really sweet as Colin tries to woo her back. For a novel that I mistakenly took as shallow (albeit funny!), it had some hidden depth and those emotions kind of slapped me upside the head. I should know better than to judge a book by it’s cover and sassy title. This book was fun, but it also had heart, and the witty banter continued even after the texting was done.


I received a copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review and it was honest.

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