This Chick Read: Fake by Kylie Scott

A-list actor Patrick Walsh stops in the restaurant where Norah works as a waitress once a month for a little peace and quiet. One day he’s followed in by his manager who accosts his quiet evening . Norah tries to run interference but ends up as a sidekick to their stupid plan of his dating an “everywoman”. Someone not from his life who would help him do some damage control on his rapidly eroding reputation. Norah’s bland manner in the face of his hotness makes her the perfect person to partner in this crazy scheme. She is totally unimpressed with him, or at least she makes him think so. Their perfect plan starts to unravel when they start to develop feelings for each other. Of course!

This is the perfect “I dated a famous actor” fantasy. Or it would be if Norah were actually dating Patrick. I loved how despite the script they were supposed to follow they actually liked each others personalities. Norah was low-key but didn’t have trouble saying what was on her mind. This was something that Patrick wasn’t used to which made her unique. He on the other hand wasn’t anything like the characters he portrayed in the movies. He was quiet and a bit of a grump, so much so that each time he smiled Norah considered it a win.

I have come to love Kylie Scott’s stories. Even if some of them are kind of silly like the plot in Fake, the reader ends up going all in, loving the characters and rooting for them to find their happily happily. This novel was no different. It was a bit of light-hearted fun, with a side of serious. Enough that the conflict (albeit kind of a minor one in this plot) brought the reader to a conclusion where they were satisfied, at least that’s how I felt.

Despite the fantasy plot, or even maybe because of it, I can’t think of a thing I didn’t like about this novel. I loved the characters, plot, and how Patrick and Norah grew together over time. It was a fun book to read, perfect for a vacation getaway or a long drive listening to your audiobook. I can’t wait for the next West Hollywood novel!


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