This Chick Read: Exposed (VIP #4) by Kristen Callihan

Brenna is out with a girlfriend having a drink and makes a confession. What she doesn’t realizes is that someone overheard her, her frenemy Rye, the bass player in the band she manages public relations. Rye approaches her and offers himself as that person who will be available for sex, comfort, and friendship. She is embarrassed and floored. After a little dithering, yes, she takes him up on his offer. This new relationship gives Rye and Brenna the chance to explore why they react to each other so strongly and that those feelings weren’t actually based on hate.

Kristen Callihan writes colorful and flawed characters. I love her novels and look forward to every release. Unfortunately Brenna and Rye, although flawed, don’t have a lot of depth and felt very two dimensional. I think part of the reason is because their union was just based on sex. She needed her itch scratched and he was doing the scratching. Their conflict was built on why they weren’t friendly with each other and well, the reason just wasn’t that interesting.

I can’t help but compare why one novel I can’t relate with and other novels I don’t have any trouble loving. It’s not the sex scenes, although this novel has a ton of them because that’s what the premise is based on so there were certainly a lot of them. I am drawn to characters who have a lot of back story which create depth. I didn’t really feel like that much time was spent on Rye and Brenna relating to each other. There is a miscommunication early on and then they just snipe at each other. Pretty soon, that’s just who they are, until wham, they are sleeping together and then in love. It’s just not enough for me this time. I hate that because I love this author!

Have you read the VIP series? If not, you really should go back and read them. Even though this was not my favorite and I really hate to end the series on a bad note, the other three are very good! Exposed, while not the best book in the world is definitely not the worst book I’ve read either and it did do one thing. It reminded me how much I love the series and want to read them again. ❤️❤️❤️

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