It’s Monday, what are you reading? (5/17/21)

It’s been a super busy work week so I haven’t really spent any time physically reading but I have listened to an audiobook. When I’m tired sometimes it’s easier to listen to an old favorite series than it is to engage my mind with something new. This re-read reminded me of how great this series is and I am eager to read the next novel.


Magic Strikes is book #3 in the Kate Daniels series. One of my favorite female protagonists in fantasy fiction. This novel was very high action and introduces the reader to Hugh D’Ambre who becomes her arch nemesis in future novels.


I have been lucky to receive an ARC of this novel. It’s funny because lately I have been doing some reading from Nora Roberts catalog of books, especially her romantic suspense. It seems I missed quite a few through the years. I’m glad I’ll be reading this one as it comes out instead of years later! It looks really good!

I am looking forward to digging in and relaxing with a good book tomorrow. What book are you reading? Are you having a good time reading it? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Monday!


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