This Chick Read: The Tourist Attraction (Moose Springs Alaska, Pt. 1) by Sarah Morgenthaler

Zoey Caldwell has been saving her money for-e-ver to take a bucket list trip to Alaska. A friend of hers is letting her tag along to sleep on the couch in a ritzy resort room, and Zoey is dying to do all things Alaska. On her first night there they head to a local dive restaurant called the Tourist Trap, owned by the grumpy but extremely good looking Graham Barnett. Graham is against all tourists in his neck of the woods, but for some reason he’s drawn to Zoey and her quirky personality.

The Tourist Attraction was my favorite kind of rom-com. Great setting, quirky characters, and charming main characters. From the first page, I literally couldn’t stop thinking about when I could find another 15 minutes to read another chapter. Zoey, one of my favorite rom-com heroine names, was cute and innocently odd. She was so excited to be in Alaska that she wanted to do all of the usual tourist trips; a whale-sighting trip, spotting a moose, and hiking on a glacier. Stuff a local would never deign to do. Despite his unwillingness, Graham seeks her out and finds himself by her side.

There were plenty of great side characters in The Tourist Attraction and we got to know a few pretty well. I can’t wait to see who gets the next hook-up. Will it be the super tall and bearded Easton? His pink-haired twin sister Ash? Or Zoey’s sultry well to do friend Lana? I really don’t have a preference, they were all really interesting and had some great storylines that I look forward to any one of them!

If you are still quarantining at home, this is the perfect book to help you pass the time. It’s fun, has a little action, and kooky characters that will charm the antlers off a reindeer dog!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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