This Chick Read: You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Ogle

Naomi Westfield meets and falls in love with her now fiancé Nicholas Rose pretty quickly. They’re so in love, never fighting and agreeing on everything. When they move in together Naomi feels as if something has shifted. They never do anything together anymore and barely speak when they’re home together. They’re getting married in three months and her future MIL has planned and paid for everything and it’s no longer the wedding that Naomi wanted. Actually, she kind of doesn’t want to get married anymore and sets out to make her fiancé call the wedding off. After all, if he cancels it, he’ll have to pay for all of those bills. However, she quickly realizes that he’s not that happy either, and soon they are one upping each other in trying to get the other to leave. A weird thing happens, they start to have fun.

You Deserve Each Other is being compared to the much admired, and one of my favorite enemies to lovers stories, The Hating Game. Did I think it deserved that comparison? Kind of? There were definitely similar elements. Naomi and Nicholas did seem to hate each other, once the gloves came off their snark was spectacular, and when they took off the blinders their love for each other was glorious. For me there was just a small difference; Lucy and Joshua’s attraction for each other gave their bickering an underlying heat that was fun and made you eager to turn every page. Naomi and Nicholas strived for that same heat, but during their hate period it was more War of the Roses than The Hating Game. I just didn’t feel that connected. At least until closer to the end.

Naomi and Nicholas made such an unlikely pair. He was a successful dentist, handsome, and smart. She was pretty but wasn’t book smart and only held small time jobs. There was an unbalance that was really hard for me to get past. It made their snark a little uncomfortable. How do you laugh at someone who doesn’t have a college education and is a little sad in life? Nicholas was obviously not a bad guy, so how do you buy Naomi’s hatred? It wasn’t until Naomi finally opened her eyes and allowed herself to open up to hurt that this book really took a turn for the better. That moment gave these characters heart and allowed the reader to see what motivated them to act the way they were acting towards each other. It allowed us to move on, and again, fall in love with them.

If you are looking for the next The Hating Game, I don’t think you’ll find it in You Deserve Each Other. I also think you shouldn’t be comparing one book to another because it doesn’t give You Deserve Each Other a chance. This was a very good book that could stand on it’s own. Naomi and Nicholas were NOT Lucy and Joshua, they were their own brand of insecurities and snarkiness. In the end I liked them for their own story and invested myself in their HEA. What more can you ask for?


I received a copy of this ARC through NetGalley for my honest review and it is honest!

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