It’s Monday! What are you Reading? (6/17/19)

Happy Monday everyone! I ran across this post on Book Date and liked the idea of sharing what I’m currently reading, so here goes!


Kingdom of Exiles (Beast Charmer #1) by Maxym M. Martineau

First Sentence Read: “By the time evening fell, three things were certain: the gelatinous chunks of lamb were absolute shit, my beady-eyed client was hankering for more than the beasts in my possession, and someone was watching me.”


Rock Bottom Girl by Lucy Score

First Sentence Read: “Downsized, broke, and dumped, 38-year-old Marley sneaks home to her childhood bedroom in the town she couldn’t wait to escape twenty years ago.”

After an epic fantasy my fall back to cleanse the palate is a contemporary romance! I love sports themed romances and soccer was my game. This rom-com looks really cute! I hope it lives up to my expectations!

What are you reading today?


17 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you Reading? (6/17/19)

    1. I agree that sentence made you want to read more! Ok, I just went and read the synopsis of Jade War and wow, that series looks really interesting! I’ve never heard of it! Thanks for bringing it to my attention because it just got added to my TBR, lol.


  1. That first line of “kingdom of exiles”!!! 😂😂 Wow!! Might have to give that one a go!
    I just finished some books, and CAN’T WAIT to get my review up!
    ,”Stinky Tofu” by Ross Nodell (4 hilarious stars)
    “Deadly Spirits” by E. Michael Helms (4.5 snarky amazing stars)
    Now, I don’t know WHAT to move on to!! … Too many choices…

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      1. I usually have a couple of books going at once from different genres so I don’t confuse them. So, when I choose again, usually it’s a couple wildly different books, like a romance and a horror, or a memoir and sci-fi. That way when I’m not in the mood for one I can pick up the other without getting confused! 😅

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