This Chick Read: Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann

I don’t remember which blogger had this book on their Mid Year Best of 2018 Book List but THANK YOU! Look the Part is a gem!

Lawyer Flint Hopkins leases out an office space in his building to music therapist Ellen Rodgers, not realizing what all that entails. As Ellen points out when he complains about the noise, my title is “Music Therapist”. This involves music! Immediately he tries to have her evicted because he doesn’t like the noise. However, that is pretty much the only thing he doesn’t like about her. She is energetic, lovely, musical, funny and his 12 year old autistic son, Harrison, LOVES her. After school and in between her appointments Harrison goes up to her office and plays her guitar. VERY well. Harrison also tells his dad that he is not allowed to “date” Elle because she is his friend. Even after his son basically called dibs on her, Flint is drawn in to her vibrant personality and their sizzling chemistry.

The premise of Look the Part is fun, funny, and sweet. However, inside both Flint and Elle are deep, dark, emotions that they are hiding from. Elle, who is always straightening Flints tie and touching his clothes, needs a physical connection. Flint, keeps his connections impersonal and only occasionally physical. I liked how she wanted to draw him closer and he only wanted her close briefly. It was a yin and yang that created a tension that their comic actions played well with. As the story evolves and the reader is brought into why they each have these fears we can see how their fears are actually tying them together instead of keeping them apart.

Harrison was a really cool addition to the story. His autism was pretty mild but a challenge for his father and when Harrison spoke his mind it generally rocked everyone’s world. His words were a great mix of kids speaking what everyone is thinking and his autism letting him say exactly what was on his mind without his emotions becoming involved. Elle’s connection with Harrison as well as Harrison giving his father a reason to live was an integral part of why I liked this novel as much as I did. The connection between the three of them felt real.

As far as the romance, I totally bought into the relationship between Elle and Flint. It’s rare when I read a contemporary romance and I don’t get antsy or irritated while waiting for the story to reach it’s conclusion. I was immersed in this novel and incredibly patient with these characters letting the story build up in what felt like a natural ending with all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed. Look the Part is an apt title because not only did Flint look the part of Elle’s man and Harrison’s father, but this novel Looked the Part of a rock solid romance. I have never read a novel by Jewel E. Ann, but am excited to discover her and can’t wait to read her whole library!


Look the Part

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